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DS4 windows are portable software that makes it possible to access several games by using an Xbox 360 controller, and it makes you feel good by using the Dual Shock 4 on your system. Its user interface is too catchy, which attracts users more, and it was too fast to retrieve, and its tools give you a default profile when you are prepared to go and can change the content according to your wish. In DS4 windows, you can easily switch from one shape to another with a controller’s help.

J2 king is the publisher of DS4 windows. It was started by the Inhexter tool by the title of the DS4 device. It was created to communicate with PS4 products with windows operating system encryption.It is a user-friendly software; that’s why you can do anything with this too amazingly program. The DS4 windows lie in the Drivers category, and its sub-category is the game controller.DS4 windows support two languages English and Japanese. It’s up to you which language you choose and which language you know very well.

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DS4 controller provides the mean for precision controls. It is a Dual Shock 4 wireless controller that tells about the generation executing and playing the games. When you utilize the DS4 tool, you don’t need to follow more concrete steps.

DS4 Windows
DS4 Windows

The requirement of DS4 Windows

There is some vital requirement that you need for DS4 windows. These are enlisted below:

  • For to unzip the folder you must require the Microsoft.Net 4.5
  • You should must require sony Dualshock 4
  • You should require micro USB cable if you are playing on your PC
  • Bluetooth 2.1 you can easily be connected via PS4 Bluetooth with your laptop Bluetooth
  • For download and installed DS4 windows you have to required DS4 drivers first
  • Microsoft 360 driver

How to Download DS4 Windows

If you want to play games without using a keyboard and mouse, what are you waiting for to go to the below links and click on it and keep enjoying and have fun with DS4 windows facilities?

There are several links through which you can easily download your DS4 windows program. These links are enlisted below:


This link provides you the means to download so easily the DS4 window you need to click on that above link, and this will go to the website, and you will click on the download button, and then the downloading process will be started.


Through this link, you can easily find out and download the best DS4 alternatives for windows.


This provides a great platform to download DS4 windows, so you visit the site by clicking on the above link. It will go you to the site, and you will click on the download button then the downloading procedure will be started automatically.

How To Installed DS4 windows

There are the some essential guidelines by using these; you can easily install the DS4 windows on your system. These fundamental guidelines are enlisted below :

  • When you click the download button, all the files will store in the form of Zip Folder, and its name will be DS4 Windows.zip.
  • You will have to extract all these files where you want to extract
  • You have to launch DS4 windows.
  • You have to install the driver; then, you must have to restart your system once the purpose behind to restart the system is to verify that the driver has been installed correctly?
  • Before, if you have used the SCP tool, you don’t need to install a driver, then you can use DS4 with  Bluetooth instead of this.
  • Once you connect, the controller all should be going well.

That’s all.

How to Use DS4 windows

  1. Once you downloaded and installed it, then this software is so easy to use. You need to execute and start gaming without using a keyboard and mouse.
  2. If the PS4 driver is not available on your computer, this software will guide you to the installation procedure.
  3. This program transforms the menus and commands of your PlayStation 4 into an input that your system can understand.
  4. When your desktop does not respond to Bluetooth signals, this program helps you tackle and compete with these types of issues.
  5. This program works very well on an older type of browsers instead of new ones. It has several issues with the latest operating system by the mean of its compatibility.

Versions of DS4 windows

DS4 windows have the following versions that are enlisted below:

  1. Version 2.1.6
  2. Version 2.1.5
  3. Version 2.1.4
  4. Version 2.1.3
  5. Version 2.1.2
  6. Version 2.1.1
  7. Version 2.1.0
  8. Version 2.1.16

There is a link through which you can easily download the version you want to download it is easy you need to click the version you wish to then, you select the file size and start immediately. This link is given below:



I have explained all the details mainly related with the DS4 windows that what is DS4 window, What the purpose of using the DS4 windows, how to download the DS4 windows, What are the requirements that are needed to download for DS4 windows program and how to installed and how to use it. Everything is mentioned above regarding DS4 windows very clearly and concisely.


  • Is this Bluetooth supported?

Yes, it is, when you use this on your laptops.

  • Is DS4 a virus?

No, it is free of all the malware. It is protected from the viruses, and we use to test the file by antivirus.

  • How do I use DS4 windows on my PC?

You can use DS4 windows on your PC by using cables and by using USBs.

  • What are the alternatives to DS4?

There are a lot of DS4 windows alternatives, and you can access these alternatives by using the second link written in the download section.

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