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GBA Roms, also known as Game Boy Advance, is a type of handheld game console marketed, manufactured, and developed by Nintendo. It was launched in Japan in 2001 and compatible with GBA software. Game Boy Advance GBA is a type of 6th Generation video game. The name of GBA games comes in the Greatest game list in the list of games world. The product family of GBA is Game Boy Advance Family. Zelda, Donkey kong, and Maro these all popular franchises brought by Nintendo in the past, the purpose of buying these all franchises is to construct the portable system into the powerhouse.

GBA has a lot of varieties of designs, which can be visualized on its small screen. Users are too impressed with its visuals, design because of its uniqueness and its attractiveness. The better quality of Game Boy Advance is that it has a High Definition technology graphics, which significantly impacts users who use this.

GBA Roms
GBA Roms

Best GBA Games Of All The Times

Here is a list below which defines that the list of the best  GBA games of all time.

  1. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
  2. Golden Sun
  3. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
  4. Advance Wars
  5. The Legend of Zelda

These all are best because of its elegant styles, smart puzzles mechanics, and its charm. The graphics of these GBA games are high definition, which affects users much, and the user loves to play these games repeatedly.

These are the links where you can easily visit and watch all the great GBA games of all the time, and this link will render you all the detail about these best GBA games. These links are given below

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GBA is the most powerful and successful gaming console of Nintendo; it has nearly a hundred millions of gaming devices sold worldwide and inspires most adults and children. It was the most powerful hardware of its time because of its compact size. It has 2D 32 bit graphics hardware, has 2.9 inches display screen with four scroll buttons on the left side, and has 4 two buttons on the right side of the screen.

In this modern world, most people are familiar with smart graphics and the story of the game. This game’s significant quality is when people play this game during playing; they recall their cute childhood memories, and the GBA helps to connect you with those memories.

For playing GBA games on your tablets, smartphones, and PCs, you need to download GBA ROMs for your system that ensures the playing of GBA games on your systems.

GBA Emulators

If you want to execute the GBA games, First, you have to download GBA emulators on your systems. Different emulators like IOs supported GBA Emulators, Andriod supported GBA Emulators, and for Windows supported GBA Emulators. Here is the link below by which you can download and run GBA games on your systems smoothly.

Requirements of GBA ROMs Downloading

Some main requirements are required to download the Game Boy Advance on your system; if your course completely fulfills these below requirements, you can easily download the Game Boy Advance. These main requirements are given below:

  • 1.4-GHz Intel i3 2367m Dual Core CPU
  • 2-GB RAM
  • 64-GB SSD

GBA Specification

  • Approximately 6.2 inches * 5.69 inches: Size
  • Approximately 140 Gram: Weight
  • Approximately 2.9 inches three film transistor: Screen
  • 2AA Batteries: Power

GBA Emulator Requirement

  • 16 MHZ 32 bit: CPU
  • 32 KB WBM + 256 KB WRAM : Memory
  • TFT Colour Reflective LCD
  • 240 * 160 pixels : Resolution
  • 32 000 colors: Display Ability
  • Stereo Headphones and Mono speakers: Sound

GBA ROMs Download:

If you want to download and enjoy the GBA games on your systems, you need to follow the below guidelines; then, you can easily download the Game Boy Advance on your androids, tablets, and PCs and have many fun to play these GBA classical games. Several links are using you to download Game Boy Advance on your system conveniently; you just have to click on these below link, and the browser will go to the specific websites where you can easily download GBA.


By utilizing these above links, you can easily download the GBA games which you want to download.

How to Install GBA ROMs

You will have to follow some steps to install the GBA ROMs on your systems.

  1. First, go to the download folder, and the folder is in the .zip file.
  2. You have to right-click on the .zip folder and extract all the files to keep all these files in the device location.
  3. Usually, the size of the file is small, so it does not take too much time.
  4. Start your Emulator
  5. Go to the file and expand the menu.
  6. Find out the file where you saved your ROMs.
  7. Choose the one you want to execute right now.

That’s it.


This is all about the Game Boy Advance gaming console; I have explained all the details and Information about GBA like what is GBA, what are the requirements for downloading GBA ROMs, GBA ROMs Emulator and how to Download the GBA ROMs on your devices and what are the steps which you can take for to install GBA ROMs on your devices. You have to utilize the above information if you are willing to enjoying the GBA games on your devices.


  • Why play Game Boy Advance games?

We play Game boy Advance games because of its great gaming consoles and HD graphics.

  • Is Game Boy Advance legal?

Emulators are legal to utilize and download, but copyrighted ROMs sharing online is illegal.

  • What is the best Game Boy Advance ROMs?

Pokemon Jupiter, Super Mario Advance 4 and Dragon Ball Z and so on

  • How can I download Game Boy Advance on my PC?

It’s quite a simple procedure; you need to follow the guidelines which are written in the above download section.

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