To Logout From Truecaller

How To Logout From Truecaller | Detailed Guide 2022

To Logout From Truecaller. In this article, we’ll demonstrate to the reader how and where to delete your Truecaller account. If you really want to protect your privacy but also remove your phone number and other personal details from the Truecaller database, you could indeed simply delete or disable your profile from the Truecaller website or app on your Android smartphone or tablet.

It is quite useful for certain customers, but it uses a large amount of information for all of your contact calls as well as other essential communications.

To Logout From Truecaller
To Logout From Truecaller

If you ever do not find Truecaller’s offerings to be advantageous to you, you may quickly cancel your membership. If you’re seeking a way to remove a Truecaller account, that’s the ideal post for you. Simply follow the instructions outlined below to delete a Truecaller account.

Method | How to deactivate your number on Truecaller:

To disable your Truecaller contact, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Step 1: Launch True Caller on an android smartphone.
  • Step 2: In the top left corner, click the individuals’ symbol.
  • Step 3: Next, select Settings.
  • Step 4: Select ‘Privacy Center’ from the drop-down list.
  • Step 5: A page will open, on which you should select the ‘Deactivate’ button.
  • Step 6: A message will display that states, “By deleting your profile, you will destroy your profile information.” ‘Would you want to go on?’
  • Step 7: Choose ‘Yes.’

Your Tue caller registration has now been disabled. You can change your number by following the procedures outlined below.

Method | How to change your number on Truecaller:

You may update your Truecaller number utilizing Android by following the procedures outlined below.

  • Step 1: On your mobile, launch the real caller application.
  • Step 2: After that, go to the menu and click Modify account (Pencil icon)
  • Step 3: Select your phone number from the list of alternatives; a pop-up window will open; select ‘Next.’

TrueCaller will automatically log you out. Now you must input your new number as well as complete the on-screen directions.

As a result, you can alter your Truecaller phone number by following the steps outlined above.

Method | How To Delete Account On Truecaller:

To Logout From Truecaller
To Logout From Truecaller
  • On your Android smartphone, launch the Truecaller software.
  • In the upper left corner of the screen, select the three horizontal dots.
  • Together with your profile photo as well as the editing button, the left sidebar will provide numerous alternatives. Upgrading to membership, covid relieve, inbox cleaning, who visited my account, alert, Truecaller headlines, altering the design, settings, and giving feedback are some of the other possibilities.
  • From the left-hand menu, select Preference Settings.
  • You’ll notice settings like General, noises, the application language, caller ID, messages, information and memory, security center, about, and the others on the following page.
  • Select the Security Centre tab.
To Logout From Truecaller
To Logout From Truecaller
  • The security center will provide choices such as accessibility, private account viewing, and data processing.
  • Download your data, correct my information, prohibit processing your data, deactivation, and the privacy notice are all available under data management.
  • To erase your Truecaller account on your Android smartphone, go to the settings menu and choose to deactivate.
To Logout From Truecaller
To Logout From Truecaller
  • When you click on the option, A pop-up window will display on your display informing you that activating your membership will result in the deletion of your information from the Truecaller program.
  • To remove your accounts from the Truecaller program on your Android device, select agree from the warning box at the bottom.

Video Tutorial | How To Delete Account On Truecaller:

To Logout From Truecaller

Method | How to edit or remove tags in Truecaller:

  • On your Android or iOS device, launch the Truecaller software.
  • On the upper left, click the hamburger bar symbol (bottom right on iOS).
  • Besides your address and phone number, click the source of content (Edit Profile on iOS).
  • Scroll down to the Add tag section and tap it. You may add any tag you wish or uncheck all tags from this menu.

Video Tutorial | How To Logout From Truecaller:

To Logout From Truecaller

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I hope this post on how to log out from Truecaller was helpful, and we addressed an important tutorial on how to remove or deactivate your Truecaller membership from any Android smartphone in this post.

The processes outlined above are clear and straightforward, and you can now quickly remove your account if you no longer want to use it to track your progress on your Android smartphone.


Is Truecaller a secure app to use?

Truecaller is a smartphone app that helps subscribers to reject nuisance calls and recognize unfamiliar callers. All iOS and Android users may get the software for free.

How can I remove my phone number from Truecaller’s database?

To remove your phone number from Truecaller, just go to the settings menu and click “Privacy & Private details.” Scroll to the bottom of the “unsubscribe” area and pick “unlist my contact.”

How can I get rid of the brackets around my name on Truecaller?

There is indeed a discrepancy between both the title you choose for your profile as well as the term suggested by other people for your phone number and the word within brackets shown in your account. You must use the true name when you decide to remove the surname from the brackets.

What Happens When I Remove Truecaller?

So although Truecaller conversation has no conversation history at the moment, all of your file formats are in your multimedia folder. It is crucial. Create a backup of your texts, conversations, friends, call logs, browsing history, and application options to protect your Truecaller membership.

How do I get rid of Truecaller’s bank account?

On your phone, launch the truecaller program and choose the person to symbolize in the top left corner. Then, first, from the drop-down option, choose “Privacy Centers.” Choose “Disable” next. When prompted for verification, press Yes to verify the deletion.

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