GeneratePress Review

GeneratePress Review – Features, Price, Pros and Cons

Generatepress is the perfect lightweight theme for upcoming projects. The free theme is the foundation for the website. It focuses on speed and usability, providing the perfect starting point for the project. It is a popular free WordPress theme that’s especially favored by professionals who build WordPress sites for clients. It is a multipurpose WordPress theme, which means it is easy to adapted to any kind of website niche. My GeneratePress Review will help you out in making a good decision for using this tool.

According to, GeneratePress is active on over 100,000 sites and has also managed to maintain an incredible 5-star rating on over 692 reviews. It is 100% free for the core Generatepress theme and also there is a GeneratePress Premium version. GeneratePress Premium is a kind of plugin that can be installed alongside the free theme. The Elements module provides the ability to create powerful Hooks, Page Heros and Theme Layouts. These Elements can be applied selectively throughout the website.

GeneratePress Review
GeneratePress Review

What is GeneratePress?

GeneratePress is the ideal option for execution-oriented users to customize and control for their website. GeneratePress has a concentrate on performance, the site that you build will have a great foundation to make it load fast. Hence people will like to build WordPress sites in GeneratePress.

GeneratePress has premium modules such as

1.       SITE LIBRARY: Importable demo sites to give you a headstart to the upcoming projects.

2.       COLORS: Take control of your site colors using over 60 color options.

3.       TYPOGRAPHY: Over 70 typography options give you complete control over your site text.

4.       ELEMENTS: Dynamic page heros, an advanced hook system, and custom theme layouts.

5.       WOOCOMMERCE: Add more color, typography and layout options to your WooCommerce store.

6.       MENU PLUS: Sticky navigation, off-canvas navigation, mobile header and more.

7.       SPACING: Control the sizes, padding & margin of your site elements.

8.       BLOG: Featured image controls, columns & masonry, infinite scroll & more.

9.       SECONDARY NAV: Add second navigation with all the same options as the primary navigation.

10.     BACKGROUNDS: Add background images and options throughout your site elements.

11.     SECTIONS: Our own tiny page builder. Break out of the content area with Sections.

12.     DISABLE ELEMENTS: Turn off various theme elements on specific pages throughout your site.

13.     COPYRIGHT: Replace the copyright message at the bottom of your site.

14.     IMPORT/EXPORT: Import & export your theme options with only a couple of clicks.

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GeneratePress Review : How to use?

Site Library sites use the standard WordPress editor to build their content and has 3 modules such as Standard, Elementor, Beaver Builder.

  • In Standard Site Library there are various options such as GeneratePress Split, Flint Skin Niche, GeneratePress Marketer,  GeneratePress SlideOut, GeneratePress Arctic, Flint Skin Imprint, GeneratePress Mellow, GeneratePress Spacious,  GeneratePress Article, LH Consulting Boost, GeneratePress Tasty, LH Consulting Grill, LH Consulting Broadcast, LH Consulting Rumour, Flint Skin Merch, LH Consulting Prime, Flint Skin Dispatch, Flint Skin Volume, LH Consulting Target, Mike Oliver Pixel, GeneratePress Sider, GeneratePress Seller, GeneratePress Peak, Mile Oliver Wordsmith, Mile Oliver Artisan, Mile Oliver Catalyst, FlixFrame Blogg, Flint Skin Headon, GeneratePress Classic. These sites are using standard WordPress editor to generate their content.
  • In Elementor there are various themes such as Flint Skin Bold, Flint Skin Flint Skin Vibe, Flint Skin Liberte, Flint Skin Uno, FlixFrame Aspire, FlixFrame Nouveau, Flint Skin Navigator, Mike Oliver Artisan, FlixFrame Luxedo, Katka Template Pack Music, BhambraBland Awaken, Katka Template Pack Finance, BhambraBland Zeal. These sites are using Elementor (free or pro) to generate their content.
  • In Beaver Builder there are various themes such as Mike Oliver Trade, Mike Oliver Pivot, Mike Oliver Artisan, Paul Lacey Branded, Paul Lacey Studio, Mike Oliver Horizon. These sites are using Beaver Builder Pro to generate their content.

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To install the GeneratePress below steps to be followed.


Go to your WordPress Dashboard and login.


Go to Appearance – Themes.


Click Add New button visible next to the title.



 GeneratePress Review – features to  make it unique

Here are some of the specific features that explain the reason GeneratePress is so popular.

  1. Optimized performance and fast page load times.

Apart from all of its features, GeneratePress always has a focus on outstanding performance and clean code. The theme is available in size less than 30 kB, which is smaller than other WordPress theme. Even most other optimized WordPress themes are still 200+ kB, and some defectively coded themes can even exceed 1 MB.

GeneratePress doesn’t have dependency code, which helps you avoid the render-blocking error that Google Pagespeed Insights often mentions.

Put it together, and get a fast-loading theme. How fast? To give you an idea, I ran a little test.

After testing its performance with Pingdom, it:

•        Had a performance grade of 77

•        Loaded within 1.05 seconds

•        Had a page size of 243.9 kB

•        Had 15 requests

But GeneratePress can do better.

Activated GeneratePress on the same test site without changing anything else. Here’s how GeneratePress did:

•        Had a performance grade of 87, 10 points better

•        Loaded in 666 ms, ~37% faster

•        Had a page size of 26.8 kB, ~90% smaller

•        Had 9 requests, ~40% fewer

2. Customization Options is based on The Real-Time WordPress Customizer

Apart from the performance, another area where GeneratePress does well is its customization options.

GeneratePress are using the WordPress Customizer for customization purpose, which is convenient because you’ll be able to see all changes that you make in real-time.

The free version of GeneratePress gives quite good options, but if you have GeneratePress Premium, you’ll be able to customize pretty much everything about your site.

Similarly, the Typography area give you access to control the font for every element on site, including buttons:

Also, you get a detailed area to keep control of the  every single element color on your site.

In brief, GeneratePress will give you access of various customization options in the WordPress Customizer than other themes available online. This level of detail might be a little overwhelming if you’re a beginner. But once you understand the procedure of settings, you’ll have full control over site looks.

3. Page-Level Settings that Give You Detailed Control Over Each Piece Of Content

Themes on each post and page will use the same settings for the most part. There might have some custom templates or formats – but you don’t have very much control beyond that.

GeneratePress makes change that by giving you a new Layout meta box for every single post and page:

You can use this meta box to:

  • Change the number of sidebars your site uses. Also, customize the sidebar orientation such changing the sidebar from left to right.
  • Choose how many footer widgets to use.
  • Disable certain elements, like your header, post featured image, navigation menu, post title, or footer.
  • Create special “container” for page builder.

Where these controls are the most helpful is if you’re using a WordPress page builder.

By disabling certain elements, you can create the proper baseline for page builder design, which makes it an easy procedure to create custom content as needed.

4. Pre-Made Starter Sites Make It Easier To Design Your Site

In the past, you should build GeneratePress sites from a blank canvas, It made the theme set up difficult for casual users.

Earlier in 2018, the developer added new Site Library feature for Premium users that lets you import any one of the 25+ pre-built demo sites easily.

You can import them right from your WordPress dashboard:

And after the import process, your site will look exactly like the demo

5. Other Helpful Premium Extensions with A Modular Approach

GeneratePress Premium also comes with a lot of helpful features like:

  • Elements – It is a unique feature that lets you create custom page headers, hooks, or layout templates.
  • Page Header – lets you create a unique page header based on a per-page.
  • Sections – It is kind of lightweight page building which lets you create separate “sections” on a page, each of them with their own column settings and layout.

GeneratePress also gives you a modular interface where you can choose and pick exactly the features you want to activate:

GeneratePress Review : Pricing

GeneratePress is affordable and charges are very less. GeneratePress is trusted by 50,000+ customers. The premium is just for $ 49.95, it includes following options.

  • All Premium modules.
  • Full access to the Site Library.
  • Unlimited Websites.
  • 1 year of updates and support.
  • 40% renewal discount.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.

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GeneratePress Pros and Cons


  • It is easy to use.
  • This is very Lightweight theme.
  • This theme is focused on performance.
  • It is very Flexible to use the theme.
  • It is very much affordable;
  • It give great support.

Cons: GeneratePress is a theme, till date there is no complain by the users.


GeneratePress theme is designed perfectly and fit accordingly to your requirement. It gives the flexibility to transform it into any type of WordPress website. It is the fastest loading WordPress theme.  Purchasing the GeneratePress theme is undoubtedly is the best decision as it is lightweight and gives the ultimate performance.

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