YouTube TV Delete Recordings

How does YouTube TV Delete Recordings?

You are at the right post if you are seeking YouTube TV Delete Recordings. Subscribers to YouTube TV can remove recordings from their library, but presumably not in the way they would anticipate that programs and films would be taken down.

The saved recordings cannot be deleted, although YouTube TV subscribers can remove recordings from their collection.

This is how YouTube TV’s cloud DVR currently functions, despite the fact that it may sound perplexing and even contradictory.

YouTube TV Delete Recordings
YouTube TV Delete Recordings

Youtube TV:

As the name implies, YouTube TV is a television service from YouTube that provides subscribers with access to a variety of high-end television programs, motion pictures, and live sporting events.

Although the Big Three Broadcast networks offer these streaming services, Youtube, a Google company, now owns them.

Like other streaming services, Youtube TV is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, televisions, game consoles, and, obviously, televisions.

YouTube TV Recordings:

Customers may pick from a variety of live TV streaming options. The pricing is not always the simplest method to pick between various providers, though, as the base plans from fuboTV, Hulu Live TV, and YouTube TV are all priced the same. 

YouTube TV Delete Recordings
YouTube TV Delete Recordings

Here’s where the extra features and user experience may aid by influencing the choice a little bit. For instance, YouTube TV’s recording capabilities are one of its key selling factors.

Simply said, YouTube TV delivers one of the greatest cloud DVR experiences available, with the ability to record an infinite amount of films and have recordings segregated into each family member’s account.

The infinite nature of the cloud DVR can, however, also have certain unintended and occasionally undesirable side consequences.

YouTube TV Delete Recordings:

The distinction between the two sorts of deletion must first be made explicit since one type is feasible while the other is not. In essence, YouTube TV users may manually delete recordings that have been slated for removal from their collection.

YouTube TV Delete Recordings
YouTube TV Delete Recordings

Those are recordings that have not yet occurred. Movies and television shows that have already been recorded and are accessible in the library cannot be manually removed, in contrast.

This applies whether or not the captured videos have been watched. Using the internet, how to delete a recording:

  • Go to YouTube TV.
  • If necessary, sign in
  • Select the “Library” tab.
  • Find the program or film you want to remove.
  • To view the show or movie page, click.
  • To remove it from the library, click the checkmark symbol.

YouTube TV Delete Recordings through App:

  • To remove it from the library, click the checkmark symbol.
  • Using the app, how to delete:
  • Launch the YouTube TV program.
  • Select Library.
  • Find the program or film you want to remove.
  • To view the show or movie page, tap.
  • To delete from the library, tap the checkmark icon.

As an alternative, users may simply search for any episode or movie on the YouTube TV platform’s website or through any of its applications, and then press or click the “Added to Library” option to remove recordings.

Again, only scheduled future recordings are impacted; previous recordings of videos are unaffected.

Why can’t Save recordings be deleted?

The way that YouTube TV’s cloud DVR handles recording deletion is not something that it does on purpose.

To clarify, despite the fact that YouTube TV offers an infinite cloud DVR, that only applies to the number of videos that may be recorded.

The service is really constrained in terms of how long they may be kept on record. For a total of nine months, YouTube TV will essentially only save all recordings.

One of the primary shortcomings of YouTube TV’s cloud DVR in compared to some other providers is that there is no ability to permanently save recordings.

The customer doesn’t have to bother about manually deleting any videos because they are all automatically deleted after 9 months. When the time comes, the recorded films and television shows will just stop working.

The lack of a manual deletion option on YouTube TV is primarily attributable to the service’s assumption that subscribers don’t need to manage their recordings because YouTube TV already takes care of it for them.

There are presently no signs that YouTube TV wants to provide manual deletions in the future, even though many users will likely disagree with this and prefer the ability to manually erase recordings from their library.

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On YouTube TV, are episodes able to be deleted?

An episode is a logical unit of a television show or other program. Instead of spending time on the entire piece at once, this enables viewers to watch the information in useful chunks.

Can you erase episodes on YouTube TV? Is this a question several users have in this situation? The YouTube library allows you to remove certain episodes in addition to the complete show.


Is it possible to limit YouTube TV recording to only fresh episodes?

Almost anything is available for viewing at any time. Any show may be recorded at a time that works for you, and you can view the episodes later, even if they were broadcast that day!

How are TV records deleted?

To remove a recording of a single episode.

  • Press “DVR” on the menu on the remote control, then click “OK.”
  • Search through your recordings with the remote control to discover the program you wish to remove.
  • Choose “Delete” and then click “OK.”

Final Words

That’s all we have to say about YouTube TV delete recordings. Only recordings that have been planned but not yet recorded are able to be deleted from the library by YouTube TV members.

By visiting the website for any program or movie and selecting the “Added to Library” button, the choice to remove these planned recordings is available.

There is no way to erase any of the recordings that have already been produced and are accessible in the library.

Subscribers are supposed to just wait until the recorded media has run out instead. There is currently no indication that YouTube TV intends to provide the capability to manually remove recordings.

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