Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

How To Find Out Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

Everyone in this world is curious to know who visited their Facebook profile and that might be because they want to know their classified fan following, who stalks them and who has a crush on them, LOL. But the bad news is that there’s no proper way of finding out who viewed your facebook profile.

The Good News is that you don’t have to worry because we have personal ways to determine who viewed your facebook profile. Let’s get into the solution straight away.

Who viewed my Facebook Profile

Tell us honestly, that have you ever wondered about who viewed my facebook profile? If yes, then you’re going to find different solutions in a minute to know who stalked you, but we can’t tell you the purpose of stalking, you’ve to find that by yourself. Before jumping into the real topic, let’s quickly go through, what people also asked with this hot topic.

•    Can we see who viewed our Facebook Profile? – Yes, you can, but there is no official way of doing that, we have different unofficial ways but authentic ways to let you people know who visited your facebook profile. You’ll find that soon after finishing People also asked section.

•    Can we see who viewed our Facebook Story? – Yes, now you can see exactly how many people saw your story and also the names of the individual. Like other social media applications Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook is allowing you to post a story for 24 Hours only.

•    Can we see who viewed my Facebook Video? – No, Facebook doesn’t allow you to have a look at the individuals who watched your video but only provides you the analytics of views and reaches of that video. Maybe Facebook is working on this thing and who knows that they launch this feature in the coming time as well.

•    Can we know who searched us on Facebook? – The answer is a BIG Fatty NO because Facebook doesn’t track the record of who searched your profile or viewed your photo/video. But yes, if an anonymous person likes your picture/video, then a notification will we pinged to you.  

•    Can we know who searched our Facebook Profile on Google? – Unfortunately, there’s no such way that Facebook let you know that who searched your facebook profile on Google. You don’t have to fall for any website which claims that we know the solution to this question. Honestly saying they are talking rubbish, and their online presence is only for click baits.

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Okay, now we are moving towards the solution of who viewed my facebook profile and Yes your wait is finally over.

 Solution 1- Google Chrome Extension (Social Profile View Notification)

If you didn’t install Google Chrome in your laptop/PC, then we suggest you to install this web browser as soon as possible because this extension provides you the easiest and the best way to find our who viewed my facebook profile.

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile
Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

If you’ve installed Google Chrome and you’re ready to get started with this extension then follow the steps which are mentioned down below.

1. Go to the extensions of Google Chrome which you’re going to find out at the right top corner of your web browser drop-down list.

2. Search for Social Profile View Notification extension which might look like the picture given below

3. Click on Add to Chrome and wait for it to install and activate.

4. Now this extension will ask you to enter your facebook profile so that you get to know who viewed your facebook profile.

5. Turn on the notifications for this Extension, and you’ll get a notification whenever someone will visit your facebook profile.

Solution 2- Find out manually about who viewed my Facebook profile

This solution is a little bit complex but yet possible for you if you want to know who stalked your profile. Follow the instruction to find out who viewed my facebook profile manually. So, here we go!

1. First of all, open your Facebook Profile on the Web Browser.

2. Let the page load completely and then right click on the page to see “View Page Source” option.

3. Once you click that option, a new tab will automatically be opened with a source code information about your profile.

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile
Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

4. Press Ctrl + F to open the search bar in View Page Source and paste “InitialChatFriendsList” without inverted commas.

5. You see a lot of facebook profile next to the “InitialChatFriendsList” and the first profile which is next to this text is the one who visited you more often.

Solution 3- Android and IOS Applications of who viewed my Facebook profile

This solution might work or might not work because we aren’t sure about this solution. You can go on Play store if you’re an Android user and can go to App Store if you’re an IOS user to download the application.

You’ll find out a lot of application related to this keyword, and you can download after reading the reviews and ratings. 

In a Nutshell

To be honest, if we have to combine all the information related to who viewed my facebook profile and then make a conclusion regarding it, then there’s no perfect method in this world which can let you know about how to find out who has viewed my facebook profile.

Look it’s a common sense if the owner of the Facebook isn’t allowing you to know about how to see who viewed your facebook? Then there’s nobody in the world that can provide you such authentic data. YES, the solutions provided in the article may work for you, but we already mentioned that they are unofficial and might work or might not work for you.

It is to inform you that, if any website asks you to pay for a premium tool which is going to provide you all the details regarding who viewed your facebook profile then this might be a scam. Beware of all the ones who steal your information and distract you from the right path.

We would suggest you to wait until Facebook itself introduce this feature and accept the facebook the way it is. Have any question in your mind? Feel free to ask us right now. Cheers

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