How To Force Quit On Mac

How To Force Quit On Mac – Easy & Tested Steps

If you’re a MAC user and your screen has got frozen and you’ve no clue what to do next, then you’re on the right place because we are going to be showing you the best ways of How to Force Quit on Mac. In this article, you’ll get different methods which can work extremely well for you but all you’ve to do is to follow the methods which we are about to break now and let everything work well for you. So, let’s get started!

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How To Force Quit On Mac
How To Force Quit On Mac

How to Force Quit on Mac

So, if you have got a frozen screen which is making you angry or your iTunes isn’t responding? Or if you’re stuck on some application and you’re now out of clues that what shall I do now to get rid of this, then here are the methods which you should try in order to know about How To Force Quit On Mac. So, let’s get started!

Method 1- Keyboard Shortcut

So, we have been trying this shortcut much time when our screen gets frozen on Windows where everything is so easy. But on the MAC there’s everything different and you’ve to do other things than windows in order to get rid of the frozen screen. So, here are the steps which you should follow to force quit on MAC.

  • The first step which you need to do is to press Command-Q from your keyboard
  • You’ll be to see task manager opening up and you can choose the program which isn’t working here and close the program
  • You’ll see your MAC started working perfectly and you need to delete the infected file from your MAC because there are many chances that your MAC may get stuck time and again

Method 2- Option + Esc

Now you’re going to find this method similar because you press CTRL + ALT and DEL on windows to close all the files or ALT + F4 in order to close the program. So, here are some of the steps which you need to do take in order to get rid of the frozen screen.

  • Press Option + Esc from the MAC keyboard
  • Start closing the program/applications one by one
  • Your MAC is going to start working perfectly again

Note: if some defective file is not working well, and it’s causing your problems then we recommend you to reinstall the program/application to make sure your MAC is performing well.

Method 3- Option Keys

Going for the option keys is another method which you must go for if you want to know about How to Force Quit on MAC. Now all you’ve to do is to select the application which you want to close and then do the following steps.

  • Now right click on the application which is misbehaving
  • Now press the right click button on the application, and hold it until you see the “Quit” option.
  • Now close the application one by one and you’re free to use the MAC

Deleting the misbehaving application from your MAC can help you reduce the processing work of your MAC and you’re done.

How To Force Quit On Mac
How To Force Quit On Mac

Method 4: Command Terminal is the Way out

Now, this method is a little bit complex, so we need your full focus on the content so that you can get rid of your problem. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Launch the “terminal” application from the desktop and if you didn’t find the terminal app on the desktop, then go to the Applications folder and open it
  • Wait until the terminal is open, and once you’re going to see the username and a tilde ~, type “Top” and press the return key
  • The terminal will show you all the applications which are currently running in the background and those who are taking space of your ram, all you’ve to do is to select the files which you want to close and you’re done

Method 5- Restart the MAC

Restarting is the only solution if none of the above method is working for you. This is the easiest method of all and all you’ve to do is to press the power button as long as your MAC turns off and then restart it to solve it. Your problem must vanish away!

In a Nutshell

So, we have discussed How to Force Quit on MAC and we really hope that you’ve liked the article and the aim of coming on our website has finally fulfilled. Go through all the methods which are written here and we assure you that you’re going to get your problem solved.

So, if you’ve any question regarding the topic How to force quit on MAC then feel free to comment down below. We will try to reach you as soon as possible and will surely try to reach your question and answer your question.

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