delete Picasa account

How to delete Picasa account

Picasa Account is the best way to sharing your photo/video albums with your loved one, but if you’re fed up of using Picasa account/have personal issues with the application and want to delete Picasa account, then you’re on the right place. Today, we are going to tell you the exact ways for deleting Picasa account and all you’ve to do is to follow a few steps in order to delete Picasa account.

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Solution- How to delete Picasa Account

It is to inform you that before getting into the steps of deleting Picasa account, your Picasa account is affiliated or linked with your Google account so if you want to delete Picasa account, you’ll have to delete your Google account as well. If you don’t have any problem with your Google accounts, then you’re welcome to proceed.

If you’re using a Picasa account for a long time, then these steps are for you because we are going to tell short steps so that you can get to the deletion of Picasa account in a hurry. But if you’re a newbie, then we will discuss how to delete Picasa account in detail after these short steps.

To delete your Picasa account, you’ve to follow these steps. So here we go!

  • Open the Picasa Website
  • Login to your account
  • Go to the settings of your account
  • Go to account settings and click on general settings
  • Scroll down to the end of the page
  • You’ll see delete your account option
  • Click on the button and confirm it
  • And you’re done

But if we give a suggestion about deleting your Picasa account, then we would recommend you not to delete your Picasa account because why taking a risk of deleting all your Google accounts such as Gmail, Youtube, and any other account? Simply delete the album and don’t use Picasa any more. Don’t know how to delete albums in Picasa account? Okay, follow these steps to get your albums deleted from your account.

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  • Go to the official website of Picasa
  • Login to your Picasa Account
  • Go to  your profile
  • Scroll down to your albums
  • Click on the album which you want to delete
  • Go to the options of the album and you’ll see a delete option in it
  • Simply click on the delete option and remove your album one by one
  • And you’re done

Isn’t it the best way to delete Picasa account? We know that you didn’t delete Picasa account rather you’ve deleted the albums, but you’re not going to use your Picasa account now because there’s nothing left in it.

Now we must talk the above steps in detail because newbie also wants to know the steps of how to delete Picasa account in detail. So here we go!

1. Open the website

Open your laptop, turn it on and connect the internet with it. When your laptop is fully ready to run an application, open any browser from your laptop and in the address bar of the website, go for the official website of Picasa.

delete Picasa account
delete Picasa account

Here’s the screenshot of their website, if in case you want to confirm it.

Now, when entering their website, you’re one step closer to know how to delete Picasa account. Let’s head towards the second step which is

2. Login to your Account

As you have opened the official website of Picasa, find a login button there and enter the credentials in it. You have to first make sure that you’re using your own account to login because there might be a case of some else logged in to your Google account already.

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So check everything before you proceed to delete your Picasa account. Let’s now move to the third step which is

3. Go to the Settings

Okay now go to the settings of your account you’ll find the setting in your profile. Once you find the setting button, you’ll be given a lot of option related to your account. You can check each and every option one by once but account setting is the one option that we are looking for.

Click on the account settings and go to the general settings now. Once you reach there, congratulations you’re now getting closer and closer to know how to delete Picasa account.

4. Delete your Account

 Now then, scroll down your general setting page to the end and you’ll find a button and on it Delete your account must be written. All you have to do is to click on that button so that you can get rid of the account.

After click on the delete Picasa account button, Google will ask you about the surety of deleting the account. If you’re sure enough to delete your Picasa account then confirm it as YES, but if you’re not sure about the deletion of your account then think about it and when you’re sure about it Click on YES button.

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When you click on YES button, you’ll automatically be logged out from all the devices and you have to keep this thing in your mind that, the deletion of account might take up to 20 days. And after 20 days, your account information will be deleted from the server of Picasa website/application and no one can longer see your profile on Picasa news feed.

In a Nutshell- How to delete Picasa Account

So the last thoughts are, don’t delete your Picasa account as it has the link of your Google account as well. You can go for the deletion of albums which you’ve uploaded in your profile because this procedure won’t let your Google account to get deleted.

The choice is yours; you can delete your Picasa account and can delete albums to keep your Picasa and Google account.

We really hope that this article has helped you in understanding How to delete Picasa account but if you have any question related to How to delete Picasa account, then feel free to comment down below. We will try to answer you in a flash. Cheers

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