How To Share Audio On Skype

How To Share Audio On Skype – Complete Guide

Skype is the best source of sharing video calls and audio calls for free but there are some complications which you need to learn before going deep into the Skype settings. So if you’re looking for an answer to How to share audio on Skype, then we have a complete guide for you. Let’s get started without wasting any time.

How To Share Audio On Skype
How To Share Audio On Skype

Method 1- How to Share Audio on Skype

This way is the easiest way of share your audio on Skype when making a call or doing anything.

  • Open Skype and log in to your account
  • Make a call to any of your friend
  • On the bottom of your Skype screen, you’ll see a “+” button
  • Click on it and share system sound option is a must thing to choose
  • After choosing the Share System Sound option from the dropdown menu the sound will be shared with your Skype contact
  • And you’re done

Method 2- How to Share Audio on Skype

This method has some complications in it but we are sure that method 1 shall do each and everything for you. If you want to test this method, you can give it a try. So here we go!

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  • Close all the running application from Task Manager
  • On the bottom right corner of your window screen, you’ll see the volume icon
  • Choose “Recording Devices” Option by clicking the right button from your mouse/touchpad
  • Now, as the recording devices tab has appeared, right click on the white screen for more options
  • Choose “Select a Recording Device” from the drop-down menu and then head towards “Show Disable Recording Devices”
  • A device name “Stereo Mix” will appear on your screen, enable it so that it can get activated
  • Now save the settings by clicking on Ok and half of your work is done
  • Now open your Skype and log in to it
  • In the options of Skype, you’re going to find Audio settings
  • Now, head towards the “Microphone Pane” and clicking on this option will show you a dropdown menu
  • Choose “Stereo Mix” that you have enabled earlier and click on save button
  • Restart your Skype and try repeating the first method, your audio is surely going to be heard by many

Method 3- How to Share Audio on Skype

If both of the above methods aren’t working with your Skype, then don’t worry we have this method to let your Skype know that How to share audio on Skype. Let’s get started with the points!

  • Open “Run Command” option by pressing CTRL + R
  • Enter “%appdata%Skype” in the run command and press enter button
  • Now head towards the Skype folder which you have saved in your PC
  • Delete Configuration File from the Skype folder and return back to the Skype folder
  • Look for the “Shared.xml” option and open it
  • Now rename your Skype name with something else to retain your previous chats and open run command again
  • Open Run Command and enter “Appwiz.cpl” so that the system can find the location of your Skype
  • Now delete your Skype file and reinstall it via their official website
  • And repeat the first method again
  • All your problems related to How to share audio on Skype are going to vanish away.

All the above-given methods are surely going to rock the problem. Just follow the steps and you’re done. Now let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this application Skype.

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Advantages of Skype

As you guys now know to share audio on Skype, so it’s a great time that you must know about the features of Skype. Let’s discuss them as well

  • It allows people to work from home
  • You can audio and video call to anyone
  • You can share the screen with your fellows
  • You can share sound on your system as well
  • You can screenshot while doing video call
  • It saves you a lot of money because it’s totally free
  • You can use this technology in tabs, mobile phone, and PC
  • You can send text messages to anyone and add your friends as well

Disadvantages of Skype

If anyone of the thing in the world has advantages then it must have cons as well. So let’s discuss the cons of Skype.

  • If you have a weaker connection, you won’t be able to communicate with your fellows satisfyingly
  • It requires internet to load threads and conversation otherwise you won’t be able to have access to your previous conversation
  •  It can be used for cybercrime/bullying, the wiretap function in Skype is giving full advantage to the hackers which need to be stopped

As we are done with the advantages and disadvantages of Skype, let’s discuss some tips and tricks of Skype so that you can get additional information on How to share audio on Skype. So let’s get started!

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Tips and Tricks of Skype

People nowadays are aware of each and everything related to technology but there are few things that people need to know before using Skype. So let’s discuss all the tips and tricks of Skype.

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  • You can transfer your Skype contacts by making a backup file of your contact
  • You can also re-edit your Skype message
  • You can also hide the moving pencil when typing the message
  • You can clear chat history and define the time period of storing the messages
  • You can get special keywords alarming messages
  • You can have access to hundreds of emoticons and smiley
  • You can also pause the animated emoticon, to save your data package
  • You can also set your caller ID when using Skype

So, that’s all from today’s topic and we really hope that you’ve liked the detailed discussion of How to share audio on Skype. If you have any query regarding the problem, then feel free to contact us by typing your query in the comment section. We will try to reach you in a flash!

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