How To Tame A Donkey In Minecraft
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How To Tame A Donkey In Minecraft – Step By Step Guide

Looking for how to tame a donkey in Minecraft? If I am correct, you need to continue reading this guide to find out how you can tame a donkey in Minecraft as you tame other animals like cats, dogs, sheep, cows, and many more.

How You Can Tame A Donkey In Minecraft

This Minecraft taming tutorial explains how to domesticate wild donkeys so they would befriend players. Donkeys are silent animals that make for the ideal partner when carrying large quantities of goods because you can mount a chest on them.

They typically move in packs, so tame donkey in Minecraft you need to follow the below-listed procedure steps in order to take some advantages.

  • Contrary to cats, parrots, and wolves, a donkey doesn’t require any food to survive. All you have to do to tame it is to hop on its back.
you have to do to tame it is to hop on its back.
  • The first few times you do this, you’ll feel uncomfortable. However, if you give it enough time, you’ll eventually be able to control the donkey.
eventually be able to control the donkey
  • If you’re fortunate, you might be able to subdue it all at once. If you manage to tame a donkey, hearts will start to appear above its head.
hearts will start to appear above its head
  • It’s also important to note that the domesticated donkey’s health meter has replaced its previous hunger bar.
 domesticated donkey's health meter has replaced its previous hunger bar.

How To Restore And Feed Donkey In Minecraft:

Players are frequently unsure of what donkeys munch in Minecraft. The goods you offer to the donkey will directly impact his health.

Donkeys can be restored to health by giving them sugar, wheat, peas, vegetables, or hay bales when they are hurt.

The coveted golden apples and golden carrots are the only items that can be used to breed donkeys, yet all of these items can be helpful while training or healing your donkey.

Keep in mind that if you successfully produce a new donkey foal, it will be wild and won’t be able to be tamed until it is an adult.

Because of this, it is recommended to confine these foals to a fenced or otherwise enclosed area to prevent them from straying and getting into trouble.

So Where You Can Find Donkey In Minecraft:

Donkeys typically live in groups of one to three or, if you’re on Bedrock, two to six. The Meadows Biome is where you can commonly see them. The complete list of ecoregions where mules can thrive is provided below.

  • Plateau of the Meadow Plains.
  • Saffron Plains
  • Deserted savanna.
  • Sunflower Plains.

Watch this video to tame a donkey in Minecraft:


How can I ride on a donkey in Minecraft?

Answer: If you have a saddle, you can steer a trained donkey when you get on board. After the saddle is installed, you will have complete control over the donkey’s movement.

Can I breed a donkey with the horse in minecraft?

Answer: You can create a mule by breeding a donkey and a horse. This combines the ability to ride a horse with the capacity to hold chests. You can have a baby mule by giving a donkey and a horse a golden apple or carrot to make them fall in love with one another.

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