How To Tame A Enderman In Minecraft
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How To Tame A Enderman In Minecraft – Step By Step Guide

Wondering how to tame a enderman in minecraft? If you are, you have visited the right site to tame an enderman in minecraft.

In this post, I will guide you on is it possible to tame enderman in minecraft and how you can tame enderman in minecraft.

So How To Tame A Enderman In Minecraft:

Despite claims to the contrary on numerous websites, it is impossible to tame or pet an enderman in survival mode. But you may modify the game with a variety of mods.

Therefore, you can download items to train an Enderman in Minecraft. Let’s attempt some techniques that can be used to tame an enderman without using a mod or cheat. Follow the below-mentioned instructions to tame enderman in minecraft.

  • You are going to die when you stare at the Enderman. To stay safe and keep the enderman under control, you may need to hide out in various locations if you are in survival mode.
You are going to die when you stare at the Enderman
  • If you hide beneath a tree that cannot see us, you can sometimes control an enderman. This method, though, rarely works.
you can sometimes control an enderman
  • Heart of the Sea can occasionally be used to control the enderman. Considering how frequently the enderman teleports, this is a difficult chore. This task can take some time as result.
  • An enderman can be controlled with one more tactic, but you must shift from survival to creative mode.
  • Therefore, set an enderman there first, and then maintain an eye of ender on it. (You need to be careful at this stage).
maintain an eye of ender on it
  • If all goes according to plan, you will be able to tame an enderman in Minecraft.
you will be able to tame an enderman in Minecraft

How You Can Defend Enderman In Minecraft:

Follow the below-mentioned technique to defend enderman in minecraft.

  • If Enderman attacks you, there are various ways to counter them. If Enderman comes into touch with water, they perish. Therefore, if an Enderman attacks you, you can repel it by entering a nearby body of water.
  • By doing this, they won’t pursue you. Because Enderman has the ability to teleport, you cannot outrun them because they can easily catch anyone due to their teleportation abilities.
  • They have minor game-based limits that can be utilized against them despite being so powerful and endowed with so many fantastic powers.
  • These great defense tactics will protect you from unexpected foes and will come in handy if you ever manage to annoy an Enderman.
  • One of these brilliant techniques is to enter a block with a spacing that is no more than three blocks high.
  • Enderman cannot enter spaces of this small build because they cannot spawn in locations that are less than three blocks high.
  • This is a very effective method of keeping them out because they can’t teleport into spaces so small, which keeps them from doing so and attacking you.

To tame enderman in Minecraft, watch this video:

How to tame a phantom in Minecraft


In Minecraft, is it truly worthwhile to tame an Enderman?

Answer: Unless you want an Enderman to chase you while it can’t hurt you, it may be amusing. The ability’s potential to defeat the Enderman with little danger or stop him from damaging us at a crucial moment makes it exciting.

Does Endermen scare off anything in Minecraft?

Answer: Due to their inability to survive in water, water is dangerous for them. Endermen become passive once more when water contacts them, yet they continue to be damaged. This is a wonderful strategy to use if an Enderman is pursuing you.

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