Watch Instagram Live Anonymous

How to Watch Instagram Live Anonymous in 2022

Imagine that you are browsing Instagram when you unexpectedly come upon your crush’s story. You take your time, as usual, considering how to strike up a conversation.

You see that she has suddenly gone live on Instagram. You definitely shouldn’t pass up this opportunity.

You’re equally worried about not coming out as a simp at the same time. You, therefore, begin to consider strategies to Watch Instagram Live Anonymous. Sadly, Instagram does NOT allow for anonymous viewing of Instagram live.

Every time you watch someone’s IG live, they will be able to see your username in the list of viewers. Instagram does not support watching live videos anonymously.

Watch Instagram Live Anonymous
Watch Instagram Live Anonymous

The good news is that there are a few ways to circumvent this problem. You may watch Instagram live anonymously by utilizing the methods described in this post.

How to Watch Instagram Live Anonymous?

As we already discussed, Instagram does not allow for anonymous live video viewing. Every time you watch someone’s Instagram live, your Instagram username will appear in the list of viewers for them to see.

There are a couple of methods to get around the fact that there isn’t an official way to watch Instagram live in the privacy of your own home. As a result, the methods for watching Instagram live anonymously are listed below:

By changing your username, you may see Instagram live in anonymity.

One of the easiest methods in the book is to change your account and then watch Instagram live. While viewing someone’s Instagram live, you may alter your username to conceal who you are. To achieve this,

Watch Instagram Live Anonymous
Watch Instagram Live Anonymous
  • Open the section of your Instagram profile.
  • Click Edit Profile.
  • Delete your current username
  • Enter the New Username here.
  • Click on the Right Tick icon in the top-right corner to save.

Create a new account to watch IG Live anonymously.

You could decide to create a new account if changing your username didn’t work. You may create a new account, which you can then delete after you’re done, to watch Instagram live in private.

Only an email address and phone number are needed. By opening a new account, you may watch IG live in privacy.

Watch Instagram Live Anonymous
Watch Instagram Live Anonymous
  • By opening a new account, you may watch IG live anonymous.
  • By selecting the hamburger (three-lined) symbol from your profile, you may open a new Instagram account.
  • Choose Settings
  • Click “Add or Switch accounts” after scrolling down.
  • Click “Add account” one again, then adhere to the on-screen directions.
  • Follow a certain creator to see their video.
  • Right now, go into your primary account and wait for the live video to start.
  • When the video begins, log into the newly created account.
  • To see Instagram live, log onto that account.
  • Repeat these procedures each time you wish to watch IG live anonymous.

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Use friends’ or family members’ accounts to watch Instagram Live anonymously:

If you have friends or relatives that often use Instagram, you may watch IG live without revealing your identity.

To see the live video, you may either use their phone or log in to your phone using their ID. To watch Instagram live anonymously, be careful to let the person whose person or phone you want to know.

View the video on their IGTV feed once they upload it:

Each user frequently posts a live video to their IGTV stream. You can keep track of all of your live videos on Instagram using the IGTV Feed feature.

Using this feature, you may store your broadcasted video as an IGTV video. So, when the user adds the video to their IGTV stream, if you want to watch an Instagram video anonymously, you may do so. A person’s IGTV video can be seen without their knowledge.


How can I view Instagram Live anonymously?

There are several options for watching Instagram live in an incognito way.

  • One choice is to utilize a free VPN service.
  • You will receive an IP address that has nothing to do with your present location.
  • Utilizing the Tor browser is another option.
  • It enables anonymous internet browsing.

How can I view random Instagram live?

Use the Social Live app to see arbitrary Instagram live videos. Both iOS and Android smartphones may use this software. Search for a hashtag you like once you’ve downloaded the app. Search for the username of the account you want to follow in the search box at the top of the screen.

Does Instagram let you know when someone watches a live video?

No. On Instagram, you cannot see who is seeing your live video, but you can see how many viewers and commenters there are.

If you don’t click on it, can someone know that you are viewing their live stream?

No, if you don’t click on it, nobody can see you observing their lives. To be able to see that you were keeping tabs on them, the individual would need to know your login and have access to the chatroom.

Final Words

That’s all we have to say about how to watch Instagram live anonymously? It should be noted that there is no official way to view Instagram live videos secretly.

However, you may get around the same by using this guide. These are some of the techniques that are most frequently used to watch Instagram live anonymous.

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