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MyCSULB (California State University Long Beach) is an online portal of California State University Long Beach, where both the faculty members and the students of the university can log in to their accounts and can find anything related to the university.

In this post, we will discuss everything related to MyCSULB portal that you need to know. If you an employee or a student of California State University Long Beach, it is insisted on keeping reading this article till the end.


The portal is dedicated to both employees and students of the university to manage and monitor both academic and employment transactions and records comfortably. Nowadays, when everything is digitalized, the portal allows you to make inquiries and important transactions from anywhere. Before discussing the MySCULB login process, let’s talk about its features.

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MySCULB Portal Benefits for Students

MySCULB online portal is equally beneficial to the California State University Long Beach as it is for the university’s employees. The portal allows students to get anything they want related to their academics without being at the campus.

The Student Center on the portal is divided into multiple sections that enable students to navigate it comfortably. So, the question is, what students can do on the portal? Well, below is a list of things that students can perform on the MySCULB portal.

Personal Details:

The Personal Details section on the MySCULB portal contains students’ personal information, including home address, mailing address, email, and contact information. Students can manage User Preferences to navigate through the portal comfortably.


MySCULB online portal also allows new students to view their test scores, pay the enrollment fee online, admission details, and much more with just a few clicks. Moreover, students can get information regarding classes to enroll early in classes.

Academic Requirements:

MySCULB also features an Academic Requirements section that allows students to monitor their progress and details regarding their degree. The section contains all the details of completed and enrolled courses of the university and other related information that students can view.


The academic section of the MySCULB portal allows students to view their class schedules, as well as register themselves for classes to make it easier for every semester enrollment.

Moreover, students can also access other options, such as swap classes, drop or add classes, and waitlist classes. Once the semester registration is done, students can view their enrollment status and class schedules.

Financial Accounts:

The portal also allows students to view financial account details, including enrollment in payment plans, fees and payments, and refund requests.

Other student sections of MySCULB portal includes;

  • Financial Aid
  • Degree Planner
  • Hold and To-Do Lists

How to Activate MySCULB Account on MyCSULB Portal?

If you don’t know how to activate your MySCULB account on the portal, don’t worry, the process is pretty simple. Registering your account on the MySCULB portal, you just need your Campus ID and your date of birth. To do this below are some steps;

  • Open any browser from your device.
  • Type the web address in the address bar of the browser and click on the Go option or hit the Enter keypad.
  • It will take you to the Beach ID Account Manager web page, where you will see the option of Activate Account at the top of the list.
  • Click on the Activate Account option, and you will see two empty text boxes, which will ask you for your Campus ID and your date of birth.
  • Enter this information in the fields displayed on the screen and click on the Next option.
  • After that, it will ask you to set security questions. Chose security questions and finished the activation process of your MySCULB account.

How to Do MyCSULB Login?

Now, as you have successfully registered your MyCSULB account, you can now login to it. The login procedure is similar like you login to any other portal. To do this, here are some steps;

  • Launch a web browser from the device you are using, either laptop, PC, tablet, or cellphone.
  • Type the official web address of MyCSULB in the address bar of the browser and click on the Go option or hit the Enter keypad.
  • You will see the main web page of MyCSULB, where it will ask you for your Campus ID and a password.
  • Enter these login credentials and click on the sign-in option.

How to Change MyCSULB Account Password?


If you want to change the password of your MyCSULB account, you can do this by following these straightforward steps;

  • Type in the address bar of the browser and tap on the Go option or press the Enter keypad.
  • On the BeachID Account Manager page, select the Reset Account (forgot password) option.
  • Now, you will be required to enter your Campus ID and your password.
  • After that, change the password by typing it in the give fields.


MyCSULB is beneficial for both the employees and the students of California State University Long Beach, where they can view their academic information, paychecks, enrollment information, class schedules, and much more. This post will help you registering your account on MyCSULB and logging in to it.


Q: Can I view class schedules from MyCSULB?

Ans: Yes, MyCSULB lets students view their class schedules and any other relevant information they need to know.

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