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Well, MyFamilyMobile is another service of Walmart, It is an openly operated family-owned corporate, as the corporation it is managed by the Walton intimate. It is one of the selling business and the head office of the company are situated are Bentonville, Arkansas, United States.

Today we have decided to discuss this service of Walmart, so called MyFamilyMobile. The company consists entirely 11,718 stores throughout the world.


Walmart is such a market chain where we can bargain all things we need for our life. The company retails renowned phone brands. Now we will discuss all the requirements and procedures of MyFamilyMobile. So let’s start!

Walmart MyFamilyMobile Login

After that you have activated your MyFamilyMobile Account, you still can’t use the account directly.

  • First you have to verify your account via confirmation text alert that your account is activated or not.
  • Next you will receive a temporary password.
  • And next, you have to log into your account with your login credentials. Once you loaded the page completely you can get the first bill, pay your monthly bill, and many more.

How to Activate the MyFamilyMobile Account?

MyFamilyMobile activation procedure is very modest. You can simply trigger MyFamilyMobile activation through three ways:

  • You can visit Walmart Family Mobile counter at Walmart store
  • You can visit for the activation
  • You can contact Family Mobile Customer Service at 1-877-308-8621 to activate this MyFamilyMobile Service.

1: You can visit Walmart Family Mobile counter at Walmart store

If you want to initiate Family Mobile Service at Walmart store you must be prepared some obligatory papers such as you will require your Family Mobile SIM Card.

  • You can buy this SIM Card at Walmart Online store.
  • Next you need your Activation Code as this code is accessible at MyFamilyMobile Starter Equipment. You can purchase this starter kit at Walmart.
  • Next, you require your IMEI Number. This IMEI number is the serial number of your phone as this number will be different for every phone.
  • After that you require your ID number or driver license number these credentials are must require to confirm your identity.
  • Lastly, you have to carry your starter kit and MyFamilyMobile package to Walmart Service store to start.

2: You can visit for the activation:

You can start using your MyFamilyMobile service by:

  • Opening the official website at www.myfamilymobile.comFirst, you have to visit the official website, once you have loaded the page fully, Tap on the activate option on the menu bar.
  • After tapping the activation button, you have to choose the type of phone. There must be two options such as you can activate your own phone or you can activate Family Mobile phone.
  • Next, you have to put your SIM card number in the blank box. Generally, this SIM card number starts with 890.
  • Then, you have to mention your IMEI phone serial number as this number is different for each mobile.
  • Lastly, put your activation code which is of 11 or 12 digits in span. After that get your plan and set your phone.

3: You can contact Family Mobile Customer Service at 1 877 308 8621 to activate this FamilyMobile Service:

You can start your Family Mobile by dialing to the customer service number. But make sure you remember all the essential details such as your phone and SIM card number, IMEI phone service number, Activation code and etc.

How to Pay Bill Payment in MyFamilyMobile?

There are three altered methods through which you can pay the bill:

  • Online payment: To pay your bill using a credit/debit card. Follow the below instructions:
    • Login to your Walmart family account.
    • Under Menu, click the “Pay Service” option
    • Put your mobile number and tap on “Pay Now”.
    • Now you will get a payment option, whether to use a credit or debit card for your payment.
    • Once you had submitted your payment details, Your
  • Pay by telephone: Along these details, you can call-877-440-9758 or 611611.
  • In-person payment at the store: simply visit your nearest store and pay your bill. All stores have mobile bill payment feature at the counter.

Add Service Plan:

Following these commands, you can take in a service plan successfully.

  • You can take in another service plan with the current service plan.
  • For that, you have to visit
  • Tap on ‘Pay Service’ from the menu.
  • Now you can mention your phone number, and service plan PIN.
  • Tap on ‘Include Service plan’ to add the selected service to your current plan.

How to Access Family Mobile Activation?

MyFamilyMobile is such a great service provided by Walmart as it is designed to care for your family. If you are one of the user of MyFamilyMobile, you must go through these three basic steps.

  • First, you have to buy a new phone. You can purchase a new phone or you can use your own mobile phone.
  • Next, you need to choose a plan. As Walmart family mobile offers many kinds of plans. For example, it gives unlimited text, voice, and data. As this plan is very useful as you can enjoy unlimited calling and also you can use the mobile data freely whole month.
  • Lastly, you have to activate the service for yourself or you can add some outlines to your account also

Benefits of Walmart Family Mobile Services

Now we will suggest some valuable points to you which will make you think in buying Walmart Family Mobile internet plans. So have a look on these benefits that you can get:

  • The price is fixed and likely.
  • We can be able to manage it online.
  • Walmart Family Mobile has many internet data plan choices.
  • You can set-up to the Auto pay.

The Price is fixed and Likely:

As we already know that MyFamilyMobile internet service is a prepaid plan. So that you have to pay your bill on the monthly basis, according to usage of data. And we really don’t need to pay any additional charges for the plan we choose. This internet bundle comprises of the unlimited calls, text, and data.

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We can be able to manage it online:

This one is another benefit of Walmart Family Mobile, which once you buy the service or package plan for the first time, you have to login to your account with your login credentials and achieve all your backups.

Walmart Family Mobile has many internet data plan choices:

The internet packages of Walmart Family Mobile ranges from to up to 10GB. And you can also enjoy unlimited calls, text, and data.

Walmart Family Mobile Customer Service Number

In case you encounter any issue throughout your account, you can visit the official website at: 

There you will get all the details which you required. You can also contact our customer service number 1-479-273 6463.

MyFamilyMobile Customer Service Number:

If you require any info you can through visiting where you will receive all the required details which you wanted. You can also contact the customer service number at:

1-877-7608760, 1-800-229-6846, or 1-800-649-7570.

The customer representative will surely clarify all the doubts and will make you feel relaxed.


So this were all about the MyFamilyMobile service offered by the Walmart for their users. In case you find any queries and questions, feel free to comment below. Regards! 🙂

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