Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation

[Solved] Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation High CPU | Complete guide

Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation
Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation

Are you fed up with your computer not responding to your queries quickly? And taking too much time in processing then the problem is linked to windows audio device graph isolation and you might have witnessed this problem in the taskbar. So, in this article, we will be discussing everything regarding windows audio device graph isolation and will let you know how to solve it.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the problem and that is “This may be a virus” “This may be an extra file that is consuming the CPU or Disk memory” or something that isn’t necessary for our computer. We are here to solve this matter and turn the misconceptions into your reality so that you don’t talk anything without proof. Let’s get started!

Everything you need to know about windows audio device graph isolation

Basically, windows audio device graph isolation is the base of the windows audio system and it controls the whole window sound enhancement system.

Windows audio device graph isolation isn’t linked with the main sound system of the computer and this is why we have to install audio drivers other in order to listen to the music. Sometimes this happens that this problem consumes a lot of your processor memory.

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Is it a virus?

No, you can’t say windows audio device graph isolation a virus because it’s a windows module. Don’t believe us? Here’s the screenshot:

What exactly Is this if it’s not a virus? Yes, we know that it is confusing but don’t worry, this problem is going to be resolved at the end of the article.

The problem comes up when you install the drivers that are corrupted and it can be fixed. This process takes you to the high memory usage and you might end up crashing your drivers.

Let’s now talk about the solution of windows audio device graph isolation.

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Disable all the sound effects

There’s a chance that the problem is coming up because you’ve enabled the sound effects and that is creating the problem. Sometimes your computer memory is so small that it can’t handle the sound memory so you’ll have to disable the sound effects. Let’s talk about it and how can we disable all the sound effects.

  • First of all drag your pointer to the right bottom corner of your windows and right click on the speaker option and you’ll be shown a drop-down menu
  • In the drop-down menu, you’ll have to select the Playback devices that will be shown to you in the third number and here’s the screenshot:
  • A new window will open infront of you and it will contain a lot of information regarding the playback devices.
  • Now right click on the speaker button and you’ll be given another drop-down menu and you’ll have to select properties from there:
  • Now a new tab is going to open in front of you and you’ll have to disable all the sound effects that enable already
  • Once everything is disabled, and you’ll have to save all the information by clicking on the apply button and then the OK button
  • Now restart your computer and you won’t be able to see this problem again on your computer
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Isn’t this method is super easy? So, try this method and you won’t regret your time. Let’s talk about the next method that is will work 100% for you.

Reinstall the Sound Drivers

So, as we discussed everything earlier above and that is your drivers might get crashed at the time when you face the problem. So, the solution is that you need to reinstall the sound drivers and you’ll end up getting rid of the problem. Don’t know how to install the sound drivers? Follow the instructions below:

  • First of all you have to delete the previous sound drivers
  • Go to the drive where sound drivers are installed
  • Uninstall them and you’ll have to insert the USB or CD drive that contains your sound drivers
  • Install the drivers again and restart your computer
  • After the installation, you’ll not be getting this message/error again

Isn’t this problem is easy to solve? Try this method and let us know in the comment section whether you’ve liked this method or not. Whether is it working or not. Now, it’s time to move to the next and last solution and that will work for you.

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Reinstall the Skype

Now, what to do? Please check out if Skype is installed in your computer or not? If it is installed, then you’ll have to reinstall it and you’ll get rid of the problem. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Go to the settings of the computer and then go to the applications
  • Now uninstall the Skype from there and then open your browser
  • Go to the official website of Skype
  • Download it and install it
  • Now restart your computer and you’ll not be able to see the problem again
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So, what do you think about this article? Is it good or not? Please give us your valuable feedback by commenting down below. We will try to answer your questions regarding the topic above.

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