DirectX 12 Download

DirectX 12 Download | Update or Install DirectX on Windows 10

Have you ever heard of directx 12 before? Do you know the purpose of directx 12 download? If not, then you’re on the right place. You’ll get to know everything about this specific topic in this article and we will be covering a lot of other things related to this topic. Before we get started with how to can you “directx 12 download” go for this term, you’ll have to know about what is directx 12.

DirectX 12 Download
DirectX 12 Download

What is directx 12?

A lot of times we have received an error when we are about to run the game or any video that “Directx is missing” and that’s because directx in windows 12 allows you to make a connection between your game and graphics driver directly. Without directx, you won’t be able to play any game and most of the HD videos out there. So, you will always need to have directx installed in your PC before executing any game.

Now, if you’re worried about how to install directx on your windows 10, then don’t worry, we will let you know how to install directx on your windows 10. Let’ rock and roll without wasting our time further.

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Check which version of Directx is installed in your computer?

Are you getting the error of only installing directx 12 on your computer? If that is the case, then you need to check out which version of the directx is installed on your computer. If there’s a version lower than the version that is installed in your computer, then you’ll have to go for the term “directx 12 download” and download the latest.

Let’s check out which version your computer is operating:

  • Turn your computer on and then go straight towards the search bar of your windows
  • Now, when you reach towards the search bar, it’s time that you type “dxdiag” in it and let the system process something
  • A new dialogue box is going to open and you’ll have to choose the option that is shown in the screenshot:
  • Now once you open this run command, you’ll be shown another tab that contains all the information related to your PC
  • Now you’ll have to go for the system button first and it will show you all the information regarding your PC, here’s the screenshot of how can you do this:
  • If the version written in the system bar is less than the version 12, then you’ll have to update it or download it from their official website

Now, if the directx 12 is already installed, you can skip the part and go check some other things because there’s no problem of directx 12 download. But if you don’t see any directx 12 option there, then you’ll have to update it and we are breaking down the way of doing it.

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Directx 12 Download directly or update it through system

There are basically two ways of downloading the directx 12 on your computer and let us start with update it through the system. Note* you’ll have to keep reading it to the end in order to know you’ve reached to the right place.

  • The first step will always be going to the windows search and then head towards then type windows setting option in it
  • Once the windows option appear on your screen, you’ll have to look for the update and security option
  • Unable to find it? Don’t worry, you can find it by looking at the screenshot below:
  • Now once you open that, you’ll have to look at the update now button, click on it and your window is going to process the windows update
  • After the windows update is done, you’ll have to restart your computer and repeat the process that is written above again
  • You’ll be able to witness directx 12 written there
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Isn’t this method is easy? If you find this method complex then don’t worry, you can down it directly. And here’s how you can do it.

  • To download the directx 12 directly, you’ll have to open your browser and move your cursor to the address bar
  • In the address bar, you’ll have to type “directx 12 download” and then press the enter button
  • In the search results, you’ll have to choose the first link that is the official link and then wait for the page to load
  • Once the page is loaded, click on the download button and then choose the windows and version of the OS that you’re using
  • Once you’ve entered all the required information, you’re all set to directx 12 download and let the directx download
  • Open it and run it and install it
  • After the installation, restart your PC and then repeat the process that we have given at the start
  • You will be able to see directx 12 in the version box
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This method is surely going to rock for you. Now, you’ll be able to play your game that you were looking to play and you videos that were causing problems for you won’t be able to do it now. Isn’t it amazing?

So, we have discussed almost everything regarding our topic directx 12 download and we are hopeful that this content has helped you in achieving everything that you were looking for. Do you have any questions in mind? Feel free to comment down below because our team is always ready to answer your questions. Cheers!

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