How To Tame A Phantom In Minecraft
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How To Tame A Phantom In Minecraft – Step By Step Guide

Searching for how to tame a phantom in minecraft? If you are, stick to this post to find out how you can tame the phantom in Minecraft.

In this guide, I will show you the simple procedure you can use to tame the phantom in Minecraft.

How To Tame A Phantom In Minecraft:

How To Tame A Phantom In Minecraft:

Phantoms are a type of Minecraft mob that may be found flying around the world very frequently. These are hostile aerial hordes, and they move rather quickly as well. Players will scarcely see these tiny monsters.

Phantoms will arise when a person hasn’t slept or died in the game for more than three days. Phantoms won’t spawn if a player resets or respawns at any point throughout the three days.

I advise you to use your creativity if you want to tame the phantom. You would probably perish before you could approach the phantom to tame it because they are hostile mobs that are airborne.

It is ultimately up to you whether or not you desire the added excitement of taming the phantom in survival mode.

The only action you need to take after installing the Phantom+ Addon is to hop onto the back of a Phantom, at which point you will be able to ride it.

Once you’ve gotten on the phantom, you may steer it in any direction by deciding where you want to travel by gazing at it.

But remember, you can’t control how up or down the phantom will glide, so watch out for obstructions in your path.

How To Activate Creative Mode to Call the Phantom In Minecraft:

In creative mode, users can also call the phantom using the /summon keyword or utilizing the phantom egg in their inventories.

This eliminates the three-day wait for the phantom to emerge in your environment. The instructions to use to call the phantom are as follows:

  • To enter the Command Box, first press the Forward Slashed (/) symbol on your device.
  • Type “summons,” a space, and then “Minecraft: phantom.”
  • Finally, press Enter to call the Phantom.

How Can I Summon Phanto In Minecraft By Spawn Eggs:

On the other hand, you need to follow the procedure below to summon a phantom by using spawn eggs.

  • Look through your inventory for the Phantom Spawn Egg.
Look through your inventory for the Phantom Spawn Egg
  • The Phantom Egg should be moved to your Hotbar.
Phantom Egg should be moved to your Hotbar
  • To call the Phantom, prepare the Phantom Egg and click the Action button. (Take notice that depending on the version of Minecraft you have and your in-game preferences, the game control for using the Phantom Egg may change.)
control for using the Phantom Egg may change

To tame phantom in Minecraft watch this video tutorial:


What does a phantom in Minecraft allow you to do?

Answer: Utilizing the brewing stand, you can make Minecraft potions using membranes, in case you didn’t know. When coupled with the uncomfortable potion to create slow-falling potions, phantom membranes, which are sometimes dropped by killed phantoms, are created.

Does Minecraft allow you to catch Phantoms?

Answer: Place yourself on a platform so that zombies and other dangerous creatures can’t attack you while you’re catching phantoms. Put the catcher between you and the phantom as you continue to remain there. When the opportunity arises, the phantom will fall into the boat.

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