Lowes SSO Login

Lowes SSO Login | Mylowe’s Sign In | My Lowe’s Life

Today we are going to discuss the Lowes SSO login portal of the current and former employees. We will discuss the login procedure step by step, then will show you the way to reset your account in case you forget your login id or password. But first we will discuss the Lowe’s that what it is and what it works for!

Lowes SSO Login
Lowes SSO Login

What’s Lowe’s Life and Lowes SSO Login?

Lowe’s is considered as one of the largest and the foremost corporations in USA giving home upgrading and hardware goods. It is a self-service human resource system known as My Lowe’s Life. It has been made for the 265000+ workers for managing the employee’s requirements. You can visit my Lowe’s life by visiting the www.Myloweslife.com.

This portal make the Lowe’s employees able to check their accounts anytime, and can check all details relating to their employment. Lowe’s employees can take a look at their tax, paycheck, schedule, shifts, benefits, and much more.

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Benefits of the Myloweslife Employee Portal.

Now we will discuss that what will you get when you login to employee portal, I mean the benefits of this portal. By using this portal, the employee become able to check their:

  • Working schedules
  • Trade or change shifts
  • Read work related emails anytime.
  • Be able to get benefits
  • Salaries

And other details related to your employment and rewards, all in one place. Furthermore, this portal allows its staffs to apply for better job ranks. At this portal, the info about worker’s benefits and policies are also available. It info comprises:

  • Work benefits.
  • Unemployment recompense.
  • Dental insurance facility.
  • Leave pay.
  • The life insurance for dependent people.

How to Login | Lowes SSO Login

For Current Associates:

If you are working as a current Lowe’s worker, all you need to do is:

  • Type your identification number at the Sales Number blank box.
  • Next put your password in the Password text box.
  • Tap on login button.

After signing in, you will get two choices that swift you to select between the Part-time or Full-Time. Select the one that smears to you and next you will be directed to your account’s homepage. Your homepage consist of the navigation bar positioned at the top and a search bar that you can use to checkout for the work-related subjects that you want to discuss.

For Former Associates:

If you are a former associate and want to login then you will have to:

  • Visit the www.myloweslife.com.
  • Click Here link that you will see in the middle of your screen at www.myloweslife.com.
  • Next it will redirect you to a homepage.
  •  Now you have to select the type of your employment which you had at Lowe’s.
  • Next put your user id and password.
  • Tap Login button.

 All of the link will navigate you to the pages that will defines the profits that you will get from Lowe’s. Isn’t this sounds cool?

How to Troubleshoot Login?

Many of the users have complained about encountered issues that they face while logging in their portal, if you are also suffering from this issue than must try these below mentioned fixing ways:

  • Making sure that you are using the correct login web address.
  • The official login page is at https://www.myloweslife.com/. When entering this address, you will be directed to a unique address which seems like https://lius.myloweslife.com/…
  • If above ways are correct then try to clear your browser’s cookies and history.
  • Try another web browser for login.
  • Try logging in from any other device, e.g. a mobile phone or laptop.
  • Check if your browser has been updated, because My Lowe’s Life needs JavaScript and cookies use. Be sure that your cookies and JavaScript are activated in your browser settings.
  • Make sure that you are using most updated version of JavaScript.
  • Make sure that you have mentioned the correct user ID or password. If you are still facing issue in logging in to your account regardless of all these answers, may be you have forgotten your password or user ID. Check out how to reset your password or User ID below.

If you are still having issues, but you are sure that your password and User ID is correct, then contact the HR section.

Reset Login Password | Myloweslife

If you have forgotten your password or id then don’t panic, because the procedure of resetting your login details is very easy. All you need to do is

  • Tap on the button of Forgot Password beneath the Sales Number and Password spaces.
  • After that you’ll be navigated to page, where you will be questioned a security question. You must know the answer to this security question meanwhile you’ve given this info to your HR, when you have received your login details.

After replying the security question, you will be referred to next page where you have to follow further instructions that how you can reset your user ID or password. If you are still encountering any issue then contact logging in to your account, contact your HR department and call for help.

Make sure, that a legal password must consist of at least 1 number and at least 7 characters. So, next when you try your password, place this thing in mind.

Contact My Lowe’s Life Human Resources.

If you’re encountering any further issue with your employment at Lowe’s, then contact your Local Human resource department. Though, if you have general questions for example about Lowe’s employee benefits.

You can contact through the HR Shared Services at:

  • 1-888-HRINFO5
  • 1-336-658-3535.

MyLowesLife Resources:



Mylowes Benefits Contacts.com


So this were all about the My Lowes, My Lowes Life, and its sign in procedure. If you find any questions or having any queries about the MyLowesLife Employee Portal, then feel free to put down in comment section. Thanks! 🙂

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