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Valant EHR Mobile Login| Step by Step Guide 2022

Valant is a cloud-based integrated EHR software package that assists behavioral healthcare practitioners, agencies, and physicians with administrative operations. Appointment scheduling, treatment planning, medication administration, invoicing, and reporting are all included in the program.

There is a very simple method for gaining access to Valant Mobile Login.

Valant EHR
Valant EHR

Many websites will provide you sophisticated ways to do it. There is, however, a far simpler approach. All you are required to follow the simple instructions below.

About Valant EHR Suite:

Valant’s EHR for behavioral health provides practitioners with tools to streamline paperwork, increase efficiency, and boost the productivity of their practice or agency.

Secure patient data, paperwork, scheduling, practice administration, and a patient portal are all part of the fully integrated package. Users do not have to sift through billing codes and documentation templates designed for other specializations because Valant focuses solely on mental health.

Valant EHR
Valant EHR

Valant provides doctors with a library of outcome measures to use and track throughout time. Patients can complete these evaluations from the comfort of their own home via the Patient Portal or during a consultation with a therapist. The findings are documented in physician notes and safely maintained in patient records in either case.

Click-to-narrative technology is included in documentation templates to decrease typing and facilitate the construction of a structured note. Because the software is fully integrated, information from the patient file, such as diagnosis and prescription, is brought immediately into the note.

Types of Valant EHR Suite Portal Login:

Users from specific countries can sign up for and use the Valant EHR site or App, which has a single form of Login.

This guide will determine the process of registering for the Valant EHR portal online. In the end, you will learn how to register online effectively, and a registration form portal will be supplied to you so that you may use the portal.

Valant EHR Suite Portal Login Requirements:

The most significant conditions for registration on the Valant EHR Login page are as follows:

  • A graphical user interface device, such as a laptop, desktop, Mac, phone, or any analogous device, is required.
  • It has to be web-enabled.
  • The device must have the most recent web browser installed.
  • You should set up a profile.
  • You must have your account credentials or the account’s information to Login.
  • You must speak English fluently or have access to a translation.

Valant EHR Suite features:

  • Dashboard of Activity
  • Tracking of Activities
  • Appointment Scheduling Appointment Management Assessment Management
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Claims Management on a Calendar Management
  • Tracking Client Portal Compliance
  • Confirmation/Reminders
  • Processing of Credit Cards
  • Customizable Forms
  • Customizable Reports
  • Customizable Templates
  • Document Management using Digital Signatures
  • Storage of Documents
  • Templates for Documents

Key benefits of using Valant EHR Suite:

  • Valant provides an elastic and scalable data model that assists physicians and practitioners in collecting and visualizing data, extracting meaningful insights, and securely storing the data.
  • Users may use the program to produce thorough clinical notes on electronic devices and track changes and outcomes in a summary format.
  • The solution increases productivity by pre-populating clinical notes with data from other records such as patients, portals, charts, and calendars, eliminating duplication and saving time.
  • Valant’s electronically prescribed controlled substances (EPCS), e-prescribing, and built-in alerts and reporting assist in the management of drugs and prescriptions.
  • The solution includes an evidence-based practice content library from which customers may select processes based on their needs.

Valant EHR Suite Login Process:

The following are simpler methods for logging into the Valant EHR Mobile site. All you need is to follow the easy steps outlined below.

Valant EHR
Valant EHR

Step 1 – Use the links provided below to access the Valant Mobile Login official login page. If you click, your browser will open a new tab for additional troubleshooting processes if necessary.

Step 2 – Enter your login information. These are the details supplied by Valant Mobile Login when you join up or via a Valant Mobile Login representative.

Step 3 – After pressing “Enter,” you should see a pop-up indicating that you have successfully entered into Valant Mobile Login.

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Mobile Notes – Access on a mobile device:

There are a couple of reasons why you might need to use a mobile device to access Valant:

  • Make an appointment for a patient.
  • Record a session or a phone call.
  • Make a new patient.
  • Use the Valant Treatment Plan Tool.
  • Medication should be prescribed

Please follow the instructions below to Login to Valant on any sort of mobile device:

  • Visit for further information.
  • Enter your username and password here.
  • Click the Login button.
Valant EHR
Valant EHR

Remember to save this page to your mobile device for future reference. Once logged in, the following page will appear, with today’s appointments at the top.


  • The trainer was also excellent. This is aimed at mental health, and they do an excellent job with every mental health inventory possible.
  • I’ve been using Valant software for over a year now, and the product’s amazing reporting tools have saved me a significant lot of time.
  • The note’s clinical summary is excellent.


  • Customer service is appalling, particularly in their accounting department, which will never answer the phone or return your call if you need to challenge a charge.
  • Customer service is atrocious, and the executive staff is dishonest.
  • Trying to document on the new platform has also been a headache for providers. This program is also not 2015 certified, which has caused issues with one of our payers.


That’s everything for the Valant EHR Portal Login at percent 2fmlogin% 2f. I hope you find it beneficial.

I will make every attempt to resolve your problem as soon as possible; thank you for reading this article, and please keep in touch with us via our official website, Please share it with your social media friends if you like this post.


What exactly is the Valant patient portal?

Valant’s Patient Portal is a famous tool that provides the greatest possible experience for your patients while saving your practice a significant amount of administrative work. In order to have a stake in their improved results, patients must feel appreciated and treated as partners.

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