iPhone 8 Plus Microphone Location

Where Is the iPhone 8 Plus Microphone Location, and How Do I Fix It?

There are several reasons why a smartphone microphone must be operational. A faulty microphone will prohibit you from capturing videos, talking on the phone, or participating in video chats.

If you have never used a smartphone, you may be unfamiliar with its design. Assume you recently purchased an iPhone 8 but are still learning how to do it, but somebody has asked you to create an instructional video.

When you don’t know where to talk, it’s tough to ensure acceptable audio quality. So you are finding iPhone 8 Plus Microphone Location? Continue reading this post, and we will ensure that you will be able to overcome this problem.

iPhone 8 Plus Microphone Location
iPhone 8 Plus Microphone Location

iPhone 8 Plus Microphone Location:

So, where’s the Microphone on the iPhone 8 Plus? This model contains three microphones: a rear microphone, a front microphone as well as a bottom microphone.

iPhone 8 Plus Microphone Location
iPhone 8 Plus Microphone Location

Mic at the bottom:

This Microphone is used for phone conversations. It would be at the bottom of the left side of your iPhone’s lightning connection.

Microphone on the front:

This microphone is used for video calls, Siri, speech recording in Voice Memos, and phone calls. It’s at the front of your iPhone, near your ear if you’re holding it in portrait mode all the time.

Rear Microphone:

This microphone is used to record video and snap photos with the camera on the rear. Its right next to the camera on the back of your iPhone, and you won’t see it unless someone takes a shot of your phone from behind.

Having multiple microphones seems plenty, and using at least one of them should be no problem, right? There can be occasions when the iPhone microphone will not work properly. The audio quality may become too poor, or a microphone may just stop working.

iPhone 8 Plus Microphone Location
iPhone 8 Plus Microphone Location

Luckily, there are a few solutions to the problem. This article goes further into the issue of fixing a microphone on an iPhone 8 plus.

Testing the microphone on the iPhone 8 Plus:

The first step should be to test the iPhone’s Microphone. When you decide to send your phone to a service facility, make a few films and test all three microphones.

Use the recording app for the bottom microphones. Press the big red button to start recording. When you’re finished, play it back. If the sound is heard, the lower microphone will operate.

Take two brief films for the front and back microphones: One with a front-facing camera and one with a rear-facing camera. The microphones should be good if the videos have clear sound.

Therefore, what should you do if neither of the iPhone microphones records audio? Paying cash to somebody who might take care of the situation appears to be a simple answer. However, there are solutions to address the matter without spending any money.


Tiny dust particles might be the cause of the muted vocal output. Pulling an iPhone apart is tough and not recommended if you are unfamiliar with the process, but it would be quite beneficial in clearing out the filth within the smartphone.

  • Instead, use a brush or a compressor to remove the dust.
  • Excessive use of the iPhone’s internal hardware may result in harm.
  • Also, avoid inserting sharp things, such as toothpicks, into the iPhone’s Microphone since this might cause harm to the device.

Disabling Bluetooth Devices:

Turning off Bluetooth in the Control Center may assist with the microphone issues. A third-party equipment, such as wireless ear buds, might be connected to the phone and disrupt the microphones.

Allowing Access to Third-Party Apps:

If you’re experiencing audio troubles on applications like Discord, Whatsapp, and Facebook, it’s likely that you haven’t granted these apps microphone access.

  • Go to your smartphone’s Settings menu and choose Privacy.
  • Select Microphone to explore applications that make use of the iPhone’s Microphone.
  • Allow microphone access to necessary applications and retry employing them.

iPhone Settings Reset:

Resetting iPhone settings are normally considered the last choice; however, if the smartphone’s Microphone keeps failing, you have few alternatives.

Remember that changing the settings may erase any saved Wi-Fi passwords, so make absolutely sure you have them remembered or written down someplace.

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Updating the iOS:

One of the reasons you can’t use the iPhone’s Microphone might be because you don’t have the most recent iOS version. The smartphone may auto-update, but the procedure may have failed, and you must begin it manually.

In the Settings menu, there is a Software Update tab. If you’re not in a rush, you may schedule the update to install while you sleep.

Requesting Additional Assistance:

Trying to get in touch with Apple customer service is also an option. Other than the solutions stated on this page, they may have some recommendations. Furthermore, if an Apple-authorized service center is close, go there. Staff should be able to help you fix your iPhone’s microphone.

iPhone 8 Plus Microphone Location


How can I fix my iPhone 8 Plus’s microphone?

To do so, navigate to Settings-> Privacy-> Microphone, then identify and activate the issue app’s permission. After you’ve made the changes, restart your iPhone to see whether the issue has been repaired.

Where can I find iPhone microphones?

The Microphone is a tiny hole placed in a larger pinhole. Integral or built-in microphones are frequently located near the top and bottom of your iPhone’s display. An external microphone can also be purchased and used.

Where is my iPhone’s Microphone?

There are three microphones on an iPhone. The first is near the camera on the rear side; another is near the camera in front at the top. A bottom microphone is situated near the charging station at the bottom on the smartphone.

Final Words

So this is all from us about iPhone 8 plus Microphone Location. In this post, we have mentioned where you can locate the Microphone on your iPhone 8 plus, as well as what you should do if you face any difficulty regarding iPhone 8 plus Microphone Location.

And now you understand where to look for each of these microphones on the iPhone 8 Plus. Is there something more you’d want to learn about iPhones? We hope this post has answered all of your questions, but if not, please leave us feedback in the comments section below!

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