apps that can help you sleep better

5 Apps That Can Help You Sleep Better

If you want to fall You Sleep Better, you should focus on falling asleep fast. One good way to do that is to ditch your phones at bedtime. However, not all of us have a strong will to ban our phones from our bedroom. After all, nothing beats scrolling through social media while you lie comfortably under your bedsheets, right?

If that’s the case, then we say make the most out of your screen time before bedtime! Instead of browsing through social media, we recommend opening and using the apps designed to help you sleep better. Yes, there are apps like that!

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If you want to know what these apps are, please keep on reading!

You Sleep Better The Apps You Should Have in Your Phone!

If you want to make the most out of your screen time, here are some of the sleep apps that you should download in your phone:

  1. Nature Sounds Relax and You Sleep Better

Compatibility: Android only

Price: Free with in-app purchases 

One of the most relaxing sounds you can listen to is nature sounds. Because these sounds have a pleasant pitch, our brains perceive them to be non-threatening noises. As a result, our body’s fight-or-flight response is not triggered, so our body  relaxes and preps for sleep.

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep app offers 6 nature sounds, including white noise, animal sounds, water, and nature sounds. All of which can help put you to sleep. 

  1. Headspace

Compatibility: iOs and Android

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Meditation has been an effective long-term method of putting yourself to sleep. There are many ways how meditation can help you sleep. The practice of meditation has been proven to boost melatonin (sleep hormone) and serotonin (happy hormones) levels in the body. Additionally, it reduces heart rate and decreases blood pressure. All these physical changes initiate the sleep process.

Headspace is a well-known meditation app, but because of the effects meditation has on our sleep, it’s also now considered one of the best sleep apps. With the free version, you’ll have access to 45-55 minute sleepcasts. These are like bedtime stories that will help you imagine calming sceneries and environments. These slow down your brain activity, so you can sleep faster and better.

  1. Reflectly

Compatibility: iOs and Android

Price: After the free trial, $24/ 3 months or $48/ year

Do you have a bedtime routine at night? If not, it’s about time you establish one. While you’re at it, why not include journaling in your routine? 

Journaling has been proven to help people sleep better based on one the principle of distraction. You see, the main reason why people find it difficult to sleep at night is because of the stress and anxiety brought about by their negative thoughts. The goal of journaling is to steer your focus to more positive thoughts and help you sleep stress-free.

Reflectly is an intelligent journal app that allows you to dive into the process of journaling without a pen or paper. The app asks you guided questions, which will help you ruminate on the good things that happened during that day. 

  1. SleepScore

Compatibility: iOs and Android

Price: Free trial then a subscription fee of $5.99/ month

 With sleep tracking apps, you can obtain accurate information and statistics about your sleep. As a result, you can carry out any necessary adjustments based on the data you’ve gathered. In this way, you can know what you need to do to get better sleep.

The SleepScore app is different from other apps since it doesn’t require you to place your phone under the mattress or use wearables. Instead, it uses the phone’s speakers and microphone to determine your sleep movements. It will then provide you with your sleep score and other metrics to gauge your sleep quality. 

  1. Twilight

Compatibility: Android only

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Blue light is the number one reason why we shouldn’t use our phones in bed. This type of light disrupts the production of melatonin in the body and messes up with our body clock.

Twilight was developed to protect you from blue light by automatically adjusting the colors and brightness of your phone’s screen based on the time of the day. It helps to dim the blue light and introduce red light so you can sleep faster and better. 

The Bottom Line

Technology can make or break your sleep. How it will affect your sleep is up to you, so you should use it wisely. The best way to take advantage of technology for better sleep is to download these sleep apps!

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