You Unsee A Message On Instagram

How Do You Unsee A Message On Instagram

Oftentimes, you get messages from unknown people or the people you hardly know from school. You wish to see what they have sent you, but now you don’t want the other person to know that you have those messages in order to avoid any personal attention.

If such a scenario, knowing How Do You Unsee A Message On Instagram that you have already read as unread is crucial information for you. If you are here reading this post, the chances are that you are faced with this kind of query and want to know how you can unsee a message on Instagram.

You Unsee A Message On Instagram
You Unsee A Message On Instagram

This post will guide you if there is any possibility of marking a message as unseen on Instagram. Additionally, it will also guide you through the process of how you can unread a message on Instagram once you have read it.

Is There A Possibility Of Marking A Message As Unread On Instagram?

The simple answer is yes, as you can surely mark a message as unread once you have already read it on Instagram.

You Unsee A Message On Instagram
You Unsee A Message On Instagram

However, only Creator and Business accounts have such a functionality. Long-press the account name in the mobile app and select “Mark as Unread.” However, if you’re using the online version, set the account to Restrict mode, so the recipient doesn’t know you read their letter.

So, this functionality would only work for the accounts mentioned above and not for a simple user. Given below is the process of creating a Business or a Creator account on Instagram.

Changing Instagram Account Types

The processes for making a Business or a creator account differ on the desktop and the mobile versions of Instagram. So, use the below-mentioned steps to make accounts on both platforms.

On The Desktop Version of Instagram:

Use the following steps in order to make a Business or a Creator account on Instagram in case of the Desktop version.

You Unsee A Message On Instagram
You Unsee A Message On Instagram
  • Click your profile image icon after you’ve signed into your Instagram account.
  • After tapping on your profile image icon, a dropdown option will display.
  • The Settings option will appear after that. Choose it.
  • The Settings page would appear on Instagram.
  • Choose the Switch to Professional Account button on the left side panel (it’s printed in blue).
  • Now, choose the account you want to switch to. Two alternatives are available: one is the Business, and the other is the Creator.
  • Go to the next page.
  • Select an Industry that you may belong to in terms of your occupation or department.
  • If you want your potential followers to know what you’re up to, choose the Show category on the profile option.
  • Lastly, click on the Done button to complete the process.

Mobile Version:

Now, if you are using the mobile version of Instagram, you can make the Business and the Creator account by using the method mentioned in this video:

You Unsee A Message On Instagram
You Unsee A Message On Instagram
  • In the corner of your smartphone screen, tap the profile image icon.
  • On the top right corner of the profile page, tap the three-horizontal-line symbol.
  • Select the Settings icon next.
  • In the Accounts tab, select the option in blue.
  • Continue to the Category section by tapping the Continue button.
  • Before selecting the Done button, answer a few questions about what best represents you.
  • After that, you’ll be sent to the “Are you a Creator” page, which will take at least 30 seconds to load.
  • Choose the account type you’d like to switch to now. Before hitting Next, click the circle that best defines what you do.

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Method To Unsee A Message On Instagram:

Without the sender’s knowledge, it’s possible to label an Instagram message as unread.

  • To begin, open the Instagram DM you want to delete.
  • You’ll be able to pick which conversations you wish to flag and designate them as unread once you’ve done this.
  • Hold the message in your hands until the “unread” list displays.
You Unsee A Message On Instagram


In a nutshell, you can unsee a message on Instagram by using a simple procedure. However, the only caveat is that you must have a Creator or a Business account in order to accomplish this task.

The process mentioned above can be followed by using this tutorial.


Is It Necessary To Upgrade To A Professional Account In Order To Use The Unread Message Feature?

Yes, it is necessary in order to accomplish the task. If you don’t want to go to such measures, you may simply restrict access to your Instagram account.

Can I Revert Back To Personal Account On Instagram?

Yes, you can. Simply go back to Settings and choose “Switch to Personal Account.” Then, to double-check your modifications, click the Switch Back option.

Does the same functionally come with Messenger as well?

If you’re unsure how to designate a message as unread on Instagram Messenger, there are a few steps you may do. You’ll notice messages you’ve previously read under the “General” tab, but they won’t activate the sender’s alerts. Go to your chats by selecting the conversation symbol in the upper right corner of the screen to read messages as soon as they arrive.

Is It Possible To Unread Messages On The iPhone?

You might be wondering how to designate Instagram messages as unread on your iPhone if you haven’t been able to read them. To begin, launch the app and look for any messages. Then slide it up by tapping and holding it. Now, select the option to unread a message.

Follow the steps to designate your Instagram messages as unread after you’ve accessed the unread message function. You’ll need an Instagram business account to mark a message as unread on your iPhone. You can mark messages as unread using the official app, but if you don’t have a business account, you’ll need to utilize a third-party application.

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