Facetime For Windows 10

Facetime For Windows 10 | Download and install – Complete guide

Facetime For Windows 10 is an Iphone application which is used for the video call purposes and it is considered as the most used application of iPhones. When the application was announced by the Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs, then they contacted Windows industry at the same time to make their application an open source, which directly means that anyone could make the application.

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But that wasn’t the case when they were about to implement it, because there were complications in signing the contracts and they all ended up not making a Facetime for Windows 10. But there is nothing to worry as Windows 10 has a lot of other applications which allows you to make a video call and that too for free. Let’s discuss them!

Facetime For Windows 10
Facetime For Windows 10

FFacetime For Windows 10 

Facetime for Windows 10 is no doubt one of the most demanding software that Iphone users looking for in Windows 10 but unfortunately, they won’t be able to download or use Facetime on Windows 10. Let’s talk about some of the best alternatives that Windows 10 is offering.

1. Skype

Skype is one of the best or second to none software that allows you to make a video call with your favorite ones. Let’s talk about the features that Skype is offering to you pals!

  • It allows you to make a video call with one or more person
  • It allows you to make a call on landline number as well, but you will have to submit your credit card details before doing that
  • It allows you to send voicemails to your contacts
  • It allows you to enjoy SMS text messaging
  • It allows you to enjoy hotspot network feature
  • It allows you to share your screen with your friend to make them understand the things better

Now this application has a lot of other features as well, and to know all of them you need to download the application by visiting their official website. Do share your experience in the comment section once you use that!

2. WeChat

If you’re living in the USA or Canada, then WeChat is the most used application to make voice or video calls and you can actually use this application on Windows 10 as well. You won’t get Facetime for Windows 10 but WeChat can solve your problem so sure!

Let’s talk about some of the mainstream features that WeChat is offering.

  • Now you can make video and voice call by using WeChat and can send pictures/videos/messages/voice messages to your contacts
  • Now you can scan the QR code in order to add friends
  • Now you can play games on WeChat with your WeChat friend
  • Now you can perform mapping and localization within one click

These are the top features that WeChat is providing to their users, if you want this application as Facetime alternative, then you’re going to love this application and we assure you that you’ll get addicted to this application.

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3. Whatsapp

There might be a rare case of a person not knowing about this application because Whatsapp is the most widely used application around the globe to assist people chatting, video calling and sending pictures. You can use this application as an alternative of Facetime and if you want to know about the features of Whatsapp, then scroll down a bit.

  • It has Touch ID and Face ID to unlock your Whatsapp
  • It has limiting forward messages option which you can adjust by yourself
  • It has dark mode for those who wants to use this application at night
  • It has immense privacy features for groups and other chats
  • It has video calling, voice calling and text messages system better than any other application
  • It has status hiding feature as well

You can download Whatsapp application for your desktop from their official website and can use it on your Windows. But you won’t be able to make any call through desktop version of Whatsapp, and you have to use your phone to make calls.

4. IMO

Facetime for Windows 10 maybe launched sooner or later but you can use IMO as an alternative to Facetime because it provides you a lot more feature than Facetime. You can download this application from their official website and run it smoothly on your PC. Let’s talk about some of the mainstream features that IMO is offering.

  • It allows you to make a voice and video call for free
  • It allows you to send a text message, voice note, videos, documents and much more
  • It allows you to add status just like other applications so that you IMO friends can view your status and comment
  • It allows you to see the messages before a person sends it to you because you see a text message instead of “Typing” option
  • You can link your social account with IMO to add friends

You can download this application and use it to explore what more they are offering because you can be a better judge than us because you’re the one who’s going to use this application.

In a Nutshell

Looking for Facetime alternatives or Facetime for Windows 10 has a solution here because you won’t get Facetime for windows from anywhere. We have discussed almost everything in order to make you understand how you can use the alternatives.

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If you have any question regarding Facetime for Windows 10 then you’re free to comment down below, we will try to reach you in a flash and will try to answer your query. Cheers!

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