View Lorex Cameras On PC

How Do I View Lorex Cameras On PC

You had a security issue at your home, and for this purpose, you have installed the Lorex Camera in the front and the back of your home. However, you are not sure of the procedure of how you can view these cameras on a PC so that you can actively view who pays a visit to your home while you are in your home feeling safe.

Remotely viewing Lorex Cameras on PC is a great feature of the Lorex Cameras, which can help you view your camera’s footage live on your PC. This post will help you in viewing your Lorex Cameras on PC.

View Lorex Cameras On PC
View Lorex Cameras On PC

Procedure To View Lorex Cameras On PC:

What Do You Require?

  • The most recent Lorex software must be downloaded and installed.
  • You’ll need a Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) address or a local IP address to set up your Lorex Client software and install it.

How Do You Get Your Lorex NVR System’s IP Address?

By Using The Lorex Software:

View Lorex Cameras On PC
View Lorex Cameras On PC
  • Open your Lorex Software on your PC
  • Go to the Quick Menu
  • The Quick Menu can be accessed by tapping on the Live View.
  • Next, tap the Main Menu Icon.
  • Select the System option.
  • Lastly, click on the Info to access the IP address that you might have assigned to your Lorex cameras while setting up the device.

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By Using A Third-Party Software:

  • You can use this video as a guide.
  • The software can be used to find out the IP address of your Lorex system.
  • For this, you can download software like the ‘Advanced IP Scanner.’
  • For this, you must know the local IP address of your system, which can be found by writing the command ‘IPconfiq’ on your command prompt(cmd).
  • Once you have your local IP address, you can put a range of IP addresses on the Advanced IP Scanner depending on the Local IP address.
  • Start the Scan on the software.
  • You will have a list of all the IP Addresses on the subnet and all your devices.
  • You will see the IP address of your Lorex System, which you need to enter in your web browser.
View Lorex Cameras On PC
View Lorex Cameras On PC

Using The Web Browser To View Lorex Cameras On PC:

  • Type in the IP address that you have obtained in the above steps.
  • In the web browser, type in the IP address of your Lorex system.
  • The Lorex webpage would open as a result.
  • You will need to fill the page with your username and your password.
  • Afterward, an extension must be downloaded to access the cameras.
  • For example, for Chrome, you can download the ‘Easy Viewer.’
  • Once you download the extension, a new type of web browser will open
  • Type in the same IP address of your Lorex system.
  • Again enter the username and the password.
  • Finally, you will have access to all the Lorex cameras that you have installed at your home or your office.


In a nutshell, you can easily view your Lorex cameras on your PC by setting up the Lorex software or using a web browser.

Lorex cameras provide an easy solution to all the security concerns at your home and your office. Additionally, these amazing cameras allow you to access the footage from your mobile and PC, along with some other options as well.

On the PC, you can easily access the footage of the Lorex cameras on your PC by first acquiring the IP address of the Lorex system.

View Lorex Cameras On PC


Can I Use My Laptop To View My Lorex Cameras?

On a laptop, Lorex cameras may be seen. Each type of Lorex camera has a distinct technique for viewing the cameras on a laptop, so see the user manual for your individual camera. The program will allow you to watch the camera’s live video stream.

Is It Possible To Watch My Lorex Camera Remotely?

Yes, you can access your Lorex camera through the internet. Making an account on the Lorex website is the first step. You may check in to the website and watch your cameras in real-time once you’ve made an account. By login onto the website and selecting the “View Recorded Events” page, you may access previous recordings from your cameras.

Why Can’t I Access My Lorex Cameras Through The Internet?

It’s possible that you’re not logging in with the right credentials. Make sure you’re using the login and password that came with your camera system when you first set it up.

How Can I Gain Remote Access To Lorex?

Lorex provides a remote viewing tool that allows you to see your security footage from any location on the planet. Establishing an account and downloading the Lorex app would let you gain remote access to the Lorex cameras.

How To Sync Lorex To Your Laptop?

You’ll need a network cable to connect your Lorex NVR to your laptop. To begin, double-check that both devices are powered on and that the NVR is linked to your television. Next, connecting the cable and entering the IP address on your web browser would let you link your Lorex system to your laptop. This address can be located in the device’s handbook or on a sticker on the rear.

What App Should I Get For My Lorex Cameras?

Lorex cameras do not require the installation of any special software. They can all be accessed using the Lorex Cloud app and are compatible with Windows and Mac systems.

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